Monday, June 19, 2017

Unrepentant Booger Cat Seeks Very Special Home.

Oh Phil. Phil Phil Phil. What are we going to do with you?

I have no idea what you're talking about. 
Don't give us that face. You're a booger and you know it.

Phil is one of those cats that one special person is going to find and be like "I found the coolest, most ridiculous, awesome, hysterical, fantastic cat EVER!" and all of their friends are going respond with "What are you thinking??"

We need to find that special person. We need to find them like, yesterday. Because while we adore his antics there is waaaay too much Phil-ness bottled up in Phil for him to be comfortable in the confines of a shelter, even one as spacious and awesome as ours.

Plus he's driving us all a little bonkers. He always wants to be all up in your business which makes the shelter even more frustrating for him as there's not always someone available whose business he can be all up in.

Before we get into a full list of all of Phil's transgressions, we'll start with Phil's biggest problem.

This is a toy.

We sell these in our Whole Pets store. Cat LOVE them. Hint.

And this is a person.

This is a stock photo of a person. We don't know her but she seems nice.
Phil tends to get these things confused. Why? Because Phil lives to party. He loves to play - all the time.....

Toys, other cats, even dogs - he's down to play. He's more like a puppy than a cat. But Phil plays like a linebacker. So accidents happen. It's a thing with him.

To wit, in the six months the little booger has been in shelters five accidents have happened. Several have been the result of Phil playing too hard and missing the toy and sinking his chompers into skin. One was the result of Phil not wanting his human playmate to leave and attaching himself to said playmate's leg. If you look at the following gif very carefully we swear he's either saying 'oops' or 'what?'.

So why should someone adopt him? We have to admit that despite all of his transgressions we adore him. We adore his shoulder-riding, endlessly-chirping-and-chatting...


 trick-learning way. He's basically a circus cat. We sometimes wonder how a cat that's sooooo smart manages to do such dumb things. He's been working hard on getting it together since he got here. In addition to learning some clicker tricks, he's also learning to go to a time-out space when it looks like he's getting confused on that whole toy/person thing. Don't get us wrong - he's got a ways to go but he's working on it.

Plus he's a cat. An eleven pound cat. He's not a nuclear bomb or a potential threat to public safety. With a savvy owner he'll be fine and provide some lucky owner with many years of hearty belly laughs, love and terrified house guests.

Still don't know what you're talking about. 
Phil is not for the faint of heart. He shouldn't be around kids at all unless you're not a huge fan of your kids. He really shouldn't go to someone who hasn't had a cat before. If you haven't had a cat but you have had a particularly affectionate pet badger or hyena in the past, give us a call. You might be up to the challenge. If you have an active, friendly cat who really needs a buddy, Phil might be your guy.

If you feel like you can handle all the Phil-tastic-ness that is Phil, we'd love to hear from you. If you have questions, give Hannah or Kara a holler at 408.262.2133 ext 167/175. Or you can set up an appointment to meet him online.

Check out his full adoption video and see him in action with other kitties, dogs and some (brave) people.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

What's Black And White And Everywhere At HSSV?

Huskies. Tons and tons of huskies.

It's like a very warm, sled-less Iditarod around here. 
We understand that life is often about subtleties and compromise but sometimes things are just very black and white.

ME! ME! I'm black and white and made of floof and silly!
And sometimes everything is very black and white. Like our adoption floor right now. We seem to have undergone what we can only refer to as....


The Husky Invasion.

They're floofy. They're playful. They want to sing you the song of their people. And they have all converged on our adoption floor.

No, they didn't come in together.  There was no husky hoarding or anything dramatic or untoward like that. They just sort of filtered in, one at a time. Handsome Rhino came from a rural shelter.

Insert honking sound here. 
He had a little crooked nose problem and required some dental surgery. We took care of that and he's all ready for a new home, preferably one that enjoys vigorous physical activity and doesn't mind that for some reason he makes goose noises.

He makes goose noises and doesn't really get the concept of crate. But we lurf him.
Which we actually find rather adorable, if inexplicable. He barks like a goose.

Sweet, petite little Annie looks like a small Rhino but is not actually Rhino.

I do not honk. In fact I'm rather soft spoken.
She came to us from an urban shelter. A sensitive, gentle soul, she needed to be someplace a wee bit quieter as the noise was giving her the vapors. We transferred her in and gave her a quiet room in the back which is better but not as good as, you know, a home.

If Annie was a person she would read a lot and listen to NPR. And we lurf her. 
While she's still shy, she ADORES other dogs and turns into a whole other pooch when the bright beam of another dog's attention is upon her. She plays. She laughs. She romps. Do you have a dog? Do you need another dog? You might not but your dog might need another dog and that dog is Annie. She wants to love your dog. She already loves your dog and she hasn't even met him/her yet. We can pretty much guarantee it.

And this is Pearl. Who looks like a taller, leaner version of Rhino and a larger version of Annie. She is not, however, Rhino or Annie. She is Pearl. And she also came from a rural shelter

Check me out. Yes, I look good. 
She certainly looks rather sure of herself, doesn't she? You would too if you had it going on like Pearl does. She's housebroken. Like Annie, she adores other dogs but unlike Annie, is not shy with people. Pearl knows she can hold her own on any hike. Yes, she needs a little help with the manners but don't we all? 

Which brings us to another question: why so many huskies? Because huskies, dear friends, are like flavored coffee or very spicy food..

This latte was not actually made with husky bits. 
Wonderful if you were expecting it, a bit of a rude shock if you weren't. 

The great thing about huskies is that they're super loyal, loads of fun, athletic and have great senses of humor. Most of the ones we get LOVE to party with other pooches. They can be awesome with kids...

Rhino with a little hooman. 
And they're also smart and like to know what's going on around them. Which means they're very, very good...

At finding ways to do their own thing. 

If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to our cavalcade of arctic cuties, pop in. We'd love to talk to you about huskies. If it's not a fit, no worries, we have all sorts of other amaze-ball pooches who'd love to meet you. And we love to see your smiling faces.

Harumph. Too much trouble those big dogs. Come meet me instead. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kitten Bedlam Has Begun

Have you ever been at the beach and one minute your towel is a good fifty feet from the water....

We all want to be this cat.
And then you look up and your toes are soaked?

The tide just rolls in so quickly you don't see it happening? That, in a nutshell, is kitten season. 

And the tide, dear friends, is upon us. 

We are the tiiiiiiidddeee!
It starts innocently enough. The first kittens that filter in are usually the wee little ones. The weather is starting to warm and people are starting to find litters. Tiny little nuggets. Kittens that are one step beyond zygotes like these muffins rescued from a construction site by the most awesome construction workers ever..


And after it's a few kittens a week, it's a dozen kittens a week. And some of them are a bit older but most of them are still on the bottle or with their mama..

Pour me another bottle, foster mom...
Then we're up to the four or five dozen a week and some of them are eating, albeit not with fantastic manners...


Within weeks of the first little zygotes arriving at our door, we are in full-on kitten bedlam. Dozens of kittens of all ages arriving daily both from our community and from neighboring shelters that need our help. 

I am bedlam. Adorable teeny little bedlam. 
The bad news: Kitten bedlam has arrived. Our toes are submerged and our knees are rather damp, too. 

This is my 'I am wistful bedlam' face. 
The good news? We're really, really, really good at this. Like super good at it. We are way better at saving kittens than these little hissy-spitties are at scaring us away. Sorry guys, you'll get food, love, care and socialization. We will not be deterred by your antics.


Seriously, we are amazing at saving kittens. Last year we saved over 2,000 kittens and we're gearing up for another big year. Which is why we need your help. Don't stop reading - we'll show you another adorable kitten photo:

Adorable zygote bedlam.
We need two things from you. Ready? 

We need help with the kittens. We need foster homes for kittens of all ages, from the teensiest ones to the weaned-but-underaged babies. We especially need foster homes for moms with babies, which really are the easiest as Mom does all the work. We have five moms with babies coming in today alone from a shelter down south that doesn't have the resources to have a foster program. 

Can't foster? We can always use supplies. These little guys are eating us out of house and home. 


With your help we can help all these guys grow up to be the healthy, happy troublemakers that make all of our hearts go mew. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Avoid The Bitey Bits: Loving Feline Misanthropes Seek Adoring Staff.

We admire people with strong opinions. Our movie industry is basically built on storylines of people who take life on their own terms and refuse to compromise. If you extrapolate on that, we should be a nation of cat lovers. After all, what better personifies a strong, independent personality and unwillingness to compromise like a cat?

Okay, not all cats. Some cats are super laid back. And yes, Big John, we are looking at you when we say that.

Ahem, I'm chiller than an iceberg, folks. 
But shouldn't we all love the slightly more challenging kittehs? The quirky, jerky cats with the same unyielding personalities and intolerance for nonsense that we find in our favorite action movie stars?

Of course we should. Which is why we're introducing you to some of our favorite quirky, jerky cats looking for someone who shares their worldview. Or at least appreciates it. 

My box. Mine. All mine. 
Exhibit A: The Darcie

The M.O: Pat me. Pat me right now. Pat me. Seriously. Aaaaaaargh - stop patting me! Right now. (swat). Ok, seriously. Pat me. Pat my belly. WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULD TOUCH THE BELLY? (swat). By the way, I love you. 

Additional remarks: Poor Darcy. She needs a permanent person to train on her ins and outs - training all the volunteers and staff here on our quirks is exhausting her. No one appreciates her great sense of humor, either. She loves to follow people around and chat with them. We even put a chair in her room so folks could go in and sit down and have a talk with her while she sits on their lap (she loves laps). She decided instead to adopt the chair as her personal throne and can often be seen sitting in it, looking out the window to try and implore visitors to stop by. We've rarely met a more affectionate cat, either - you just have to know when she's had enough of the patting. And seriously, don't take her chair. 

The Verdict: Quirky? Yup. Jerky - nope. Just a normal cat who knows what she likes but is a bit more prone to expressing her opinion. 

This is my 'time to party' face. 
Exhibit B: The Banana Anna

Remarks: Banana Anna came to par-tay and she will not be denied. Seriously. She is always up for a game of crinkle ball, some fake-birdy-on-a-string, a good go-round with the old laser pointer. She's also always up for a wrestling match but we strongly, strongly suggest staying away from the bitey bits when she's in a play mood. Oh, and keep those other cats away her, too. She can hold her own but she wants ALL the playtime. Could she be any more fun? Nope. She's a full on fiesta on fleet little feet. Just use her toys, okay?

The Verdict: Quirky? No, just a wee little black cat who loves to play more than most but needs some help with her mouth-manners when she's getting her party-on.


Remarks: Unfortunately for feral kittens, there's nothing in the world cuter than a teeny angry kitten. When they hiss and spit, they think they're being terrifying. We think they're being adorable "Oh, who's an angry little man? You are!". With kitten season starting to bloom, we're starting to see these furious, winsome little nuggets coming in. The good news? They don't have to grow up to be hissy spitties. At this age, rehabilitation is entirely possible with the help of good foster homes who are willing to put some time and love into socializing them.

The Verdict: Neither quirky nor jerky - just the product of wayward youth. Did we mention you can help reform these wee captivating miscreants? Be a kitten foster parent. We have a training this Saturday, as a matter of fact. At 11:00 AM. See you there. 

In all honesty, none of these guys are the least bit jerky. Most cat folks probably read this and thought "oh, you think that's bad? You should see what my little Muffin does". Cats are cats, and that's why we love them. Now you just need to help us find folks who can love and appreciate these guys, just as they are. Ahem. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Kittens and The Dog That Loved Mr. Peanut (Literally).


We're fans of nuts. We stuff our KONGs with nut butter. We snack on nuts and we are totally nuts about our pets and the work we do here. So imagine our surprise and delight when, on a sunny Sunday THIS showed up in our parking lot. 

They just showed up - it was the craziest thing. 
The NUTMOBILE! The iconic Planters vehicle was doing it's cross country thing and decided to make an impromptu stop at HSSV. Turns out the staff (Mr. Peanut included) LOVE dogs and were all in to drop off some peanuts for the people and get some pics with the pooches. 

No peanut butter but I'm lovin' the attention.
Buttercup was all excited until she learned the bus was not just an empty vessel full of peanut butter that she could romp in. Even still, she thought Mr. Peanut was pretty nifty and for Buttercup, any pats and lovin' are a-okay with her so she was psyched to meet the crew. The biiiiig star, though was..

Take me with you, Mr. Peanut. You can have a Peanut Dog.

Sonny. If Sonny could have left on Nutmobile, he would have. From the moment he saw Mr. Peanut, he had to be near him. He loved the crew. He loved the Nutmobile. He loved everything about the situation. If there ever a dog born to be THE Nutmobile pooch, it was probably Sonny. Unfortunately the travelin' peanut life is not always dog-friendly so after receiving much lovins' from the Planters Peanut crew, they had to depart sans Sonny. They did, however, leave the staff and volunteers plenty of snacks and every pooch who met Mr. Peanut got a special sticker for their kennel.

She's nuts for cuddles. Get it??
How awesome is that? More awesome? Both Buttercup and Sonny are still available for adoption so they could be yours. Buttercup loves everyone, everything and peanut butter. Sonny is outgoing, loyal and super-social. He'll love you no matter what but if you have a big peanut costume, he's not going to complain. 

Mr. Peanut? Is that you?
In other news, kitten season has begun to rain down on us in earnest. We're starting to see daily litters of babies, most of whom are too young to be adopted. 

Most don't turn up in baskets.
If you're interested in fostering a kitten, this would be an awesome time to sign up for a training. If you can't foster but want to help, we super duper need supplies and have an awesome Amazon Wishlist full of things we need to help save the 2,000+ little jellybeans that come through our door during kitten season. We promise to repay you with all sorts of adorable social media posts like this one of Topper, The World's Most Charismatic Staff Hamster trying to figure out what to do with bottle babies. 


We can't guarantee Mr. Peanut will show up again, but we can guarantee that popping by to spend a few minutes with a dog or cat will make your day. So make like Mr. Peanut and pop in! In the meantime, have another kitty picture... 

They look a lot like Topper at this age. 
which we stole from rockstar foster mama Jessie's most excellent Instagram account.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Three Love Stories That Could Turn Us All Into Huge Saps.

Spring has sprung and love is in the air. We see love stories happen here on a daily basis - animals meeting their new forever homes, matches made, new lives embarked on. These inter-pet love stories, however, make our hearts go pitter-patter. No worries - everything is very platonic as everyone is spayed and neutered. But let's hear it for love. 

Chilling with my bestie after a rousing game of 'nibble and run'.
1) Sasha And Mico: #FriendshipGoals

First there was Mico. The teen months were not bearing down well on the handsome dude with the multi-colored eyes. He was surrendered to us for being more than the owners could handle. At thirteen months he was all energy, all go and no manners. He's a smart guy but like most smart kids with no outlet, he was getting himself in all sorts of trouble. Jumping, mouthing, yanking, playing tug-o-leash - he was a mess. He needed to run off some energy and he desperately needed some attention. Our behavior staff was doing the best they could but sometimes the only thing that can run out a teenage dog is another dog.

And then Sasha moved in across the hall. Another wayward youth, the sky-eyed husky with the snowman coat had originally come to us from a buddy shelter. Quickly adopted out, she was quickly returned with a new adjective attached to her: relentless. Her endless search for play and attention had driven everyone in the house - dogs and people alike - nuts. Like Mico, Sasha had the energy of an endurance athlete with a bad caffeine addiction. Like Mico, she needs some help in the manners department.

At a loss of how to keep the two troublemakers happy while they found them each the perfect (inexhaustible) home, they put them together for a play date. And magic happened.


Not only did the two not mind each other's manic play style, they loved it. Now they play together twice a day to keep them occupied while our adoptions staff searches for homes who love super active dogs and want to do a lot of training. They don't need to go home together but for as long as this love story lasts, we're on board with it.*

2) Yavin And Yodi: #RelationshipGoals.

Yodi loves the cat cot. Yavin loves to hang out at the door and wait for people to walk by. Yodi wants to sit on your lap. That's cool, Yavin can have a snack until it's his turn. Now Yavin wants your lap. Whatevs, Yodi will take a snack break.

Yodi doing what she does best: guard kitteh.
You ever meet those two people that absolutely love to be around each other but don't always need to be up in each other's business? That are fine being together without being the center of each other's attention? If they were cats, they'd be Yavin and Yodi. They're both awesome but they're twice as awesome together. And we cannot get enough of them. Which is a good thing as they're both kind of hefty kitties.


Yavin was already in the home and a few years old when the family added Yodi. Yodi was a sweet gal but a pretty shy kitten. Until she met Yavin. Then she blossomed. The rub? The magic only works with Yavin. Without Yavin, Yodi gets easily scared. And Yavin adores his bestie who is now five years old. When they were surrendered together we made the decision to keep them together. So they're looking for a home together.

Yodi as kitten and as adult. We lurf her crazy eyes. 
They promise to always meet you at the door. Yavin promises that even though he's a mellow guy, he'll always be up for the odd game of laser toy or crinkle ball. Yodi promises that she'll always be up for that Netflix marathon, no matter how long. And they both promise to always be the relationship you wish you had. Adopt them.

Seriously. Adopt us. And oh, snacks. Yes.
3) Glenn and Rick. #SiblingGoals

Doesn't this look like the album cover for the bunny band EVER?
They came in as a clutch of little huddled bun-lets, all white fur, red eyes and as skittish as the day is long. Barely eight weeks old, they were an accidental litter born to a responsible owner who wanted to do the right thing. Through our PUP Program, we fixed mom and dad and sent them home and set about to find the babies new homes. 

Glenn in his skittish phase. 
While the rest of the sibs found new homes (wee little bun-lets are pretty hard to resist) Glenn and Rick were constantly looked over. We sent them to our Petco West San Jose NAC to see if a change of locale would do the trick. We also kept them together as the brothers seemed to really, really enjoy each other. And snacks. 


The new digs haven't found them a new home but it has found them a totally new attitude. In the more social environment of Petco, they found themselves meeting all sorts of new friends, including a stuffed bunny toy the two curl up with to sleep every night. By meeting all these people and always having each other's back, they grew from skittish, huddled buns into veritable social butterfly buns. Easy going, friendly, and the perfect pair for a first time bun owner. Now we just have to find them an owner. 

An owner who knows how to make a salad, please. 

The good news? All these kids are STILL looking for a home. Don't we all need relationship role models? Isn't it awesome that you can adopt them? Fantastic. Now hurry in

*To meet Mico or Sasha call 408.262.2133 ext 150 to make an appointment. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Three Things To Feel Awesome About Right Now.

1) Because People Are Good. Really, Really, Really Good.

When a good samaritan saw some folks carrying around wee little pups in a duffel bag with no mom in sight, he knew it was not a safe sitch for the little muffins. It wasn't his problem - but he made it his problem. He talked the people into giving him the pups. He bottle fed them overnight while he researched a safe place to bring them. Then he brought them to us. That's really, really good person #1.

Tiny little days old potato puppies. 
Once here, staff fed and cared for them until an awesome foster home could be found. That foster parent spent weeks bottle feeding, raising and caring for the little foundlings. That's Really Good Person(s) #2-5. We're counting the staff and the foster folks*.


Because so many really good people helped see them through safely to adoptable age, they turned from little potatoes into actual puppies. When they did, folks queued up to adopt them. So let's add all the folks who wanted to adopt the Duffel Bag Puppies onto our Really Good People List. And now the number is too high to count.

Now actual poopy-sized poopies. 
#2: Because Cataleya Carries Her Own Toys

Actually we could just say 'Because Cataleya' period. Everything this enormous-headed pooch does is ridiculously adorable from her ginormous, basketball sized grin...

Look at that noggin! It's huge! It's happy!
To her willingness to pack her own gear on the way to the dog park.

Stop. Just stop. We cannot take the adorbs. 
She's pretty much a guaranteed smile on paws. More good news? She's an honorary cat this weekend. With our All About That Bass Oversized Cat Promotion adopt fees on all cats are just $20. We included her in the promo so her adopt fee is just $20!

Reason #3 To Feel Awesome: The Remy Comparison.

Remy came in with a broken leg after getting hit by a car. Our amazing vets were able to save the leg by doing a complicated surgery involving a metal plate (we have the bestest vets ever). In a few weeks Remy will be back to normal but to sum up right now:

Hit by car.
Extensive surgery.
Stuck on exercise restriction - no running for six weeks.

Yet still Remy looks like this:

If this picture doesn't make you smile, we got nothin'.
Yup. He's smiling. He's smiling in pretty much every picture we have of him. Because that's how he rolls - all waggy tail, kisses and smiles.

So if Remy can smile, we can all feel awesome about something today.

If you don't feel awesome, we can help. Pop in to snuggle a dog or cat at any of our locations

*Psssst - we have a dog and puppy foster orientation tomorrow. Sign up for it here!