Thursday, June 14, 2012

Puppy Corner

Along the far side of our dog adoption galleria, you'll find puppy corner. Since they look full grown, most visitors don’t realize these guys are just starting adolescence. With big grins and unique stories they are ready for you to start their puppy parenting.

Thelma - Grace, Speed and Beauty

The youngest of the bunch, this pup is just three months old. Thelma came in with her sister, Louise.  Louise was quickly adopted but gorgeous, gazelle-like Thelma is still waiting. An athletic superstar, Thelma outpaces all her playmates. Patterned with faint brindle striping that’s difficult to see from a distance, she’s an irresistible combination or beauty and spunk.

Forest - Three Legged Wonderpup

Eight month old Forest was transferred in from a different shelter. He was turned in with an injury that necessitated amputation of his rear leg. It usually takes adopters a few minutes to realize he’s missing something – he’s just as playful as any other puppy and twice as graceful and quick.

Tucker - A Party on Paws

Don’t let Tucker’s diminutive size fool you. Behind his sweet little Chihuahua exterior lurks the heart of a Labrador. Tucker is a fetching machine. As long as you keep throwing his little yellow donut, he’ll keep retrieving it. At six months old he has boundless energy to keep playing. He loves romping with his roommates and enjoys a good cuddle from volunteers and staff.

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