Thursday, June 26, 2014

MacGoober Holds Honesty Hour

This is MacGoober. 
He's a stout, meaty little dude who loves everyone and is occasionally a bit socially inept. He didn't get a lot of socialization growing up so he tends to barrel into other dogs when he's trying to play.  He's like a teenage linebacker. 

Ooops. My bad. 
The problem with being a stout, meaty little dude with a head like a basketball is that people tend to think bad things about you. So despite being a goober who is rarely serious, he wanted to have a little talk with you about a few things. An honesty hour, if you will. Or an honesty ten-minutes. This won't take long.

Nope. I'm not a snake. Vets here confirmed it. 
There's nothing about MacGoober's mouth that is any different from any other dogs mouth. Except, of course, he might drool a little more and with a head that big you could probably park a Volkswagen in it. Or at least a SmartCar. Not that we're going to try. But you get the idea - his physiology isn't any different from other breeds. 

I'm not a hyena. Vets checked that too. Totally clear on the hyena front. 
In theory, any dog can turn on it's owner. The world's first face transplant was performed on a French woman who was mauled by her Labrador. But MacGoober is not more likely to turn on anyone than other kinds of dogs. If anything, it should be noted that the big booger is in his second shelter in a month, an enormously stressful experience, and hasn't turned on anyone. 

Completely not a spider. Vets even counted my legs. Golden on that one.
MacGoob didn't have the best social skills when we first met him. He was a little too forward, a little un-neutered (how you doin'?) and a bit overwhelming. He liked the other dog but he didn't know what to do with him. He's been working with the amazing Marthina McClay and Dr. Dexter from Our Pack * who's been schooling him on play manners. The boy's a quick study and lovin' life. He's a party on paws. 

I don't even know what this is but I'm not that either. Is it a stick? Can I chase it?
To sum up: let's simmer down about the blockheady dogs. Pretty much everyone that's met MacGoober has been charmed by the eight month old, smooshy face lump of love. Despite having a less than ideal start, he's willing to take people on a person-by-person basis. Shouldn't we be willing to do the same?

To find out more about MacGoober and our other fantastic pooches please check out our website.

Oh, and Kona asked us to remind you...
Spare me the tired old rumors about chihuahuas, people.
Don't hate on the little dogs. They're just dogs, too.

*If we haven't told you how awesome Marthina, Dr. Dexter and Our Pack are lately, we need to. We lurf them. Check them out.


  1. I love whoever is writing this blog! You're the "bomb diggety" as the kids would say. GREAT job! Love it.

  2. Oh little former Jack happy you are doing well. Great blog post brings out his amazing personality. His head is like a box it's so square. He's the goofiest cutest doggie. Absolutely delightful. I'm his sponsor - can you tell how much I love him?

    1. We've added MacGoober's AdoptMeApp story to his pet profile!,16&statusID=3&submitbtn=Find%20Animals&regionID=-1&tpage=1&animalid=58433