Sunday, January 25, 2015

Early Spring Fever Completely Derails This Week's Dog Blog.

As of late, the dog blog has been a bit serious. Don't get us wrong, our goal in the blog is to be useful and let you know that TigerLily needs a foster home, we have amazing pets and we will never show you  social media that makes you hate humanity. This is a functional blog. Purpose, people. Purpose. 

That said, the weather lately has been making everyone here a little....



You could even say.....

I swear I'm laughing at the puppy, not you.

Or even straight up, bouncing off the walls, airborne....

Where's the ball? Where did my back legs go?

Something about a burst of early spring weather reminds us all of the absolute coolest thing about our dogs....

Why did the chicken cross the road?

How much fun they are.

Because I pooped in your shoe. 

Why do we love dogs? Because they remind us how to laugh....

Why did the other chicken cross the road? 

At them and at ourselves.

No clue but I'd check your shoe!!

How to play outside...

Ball: found. Legs: still MIA. Ground: coming up quickly. Oops.
And how much fun it is to be absolutely....



If you need a little more impertinent, loopy, crazypants, fun, playing outside, ridiculousness in your life (and really, who doesn't) we suggest you come down and see us. Immediately.

What did that puppy do in  your shoe??? Oh. Oh no..

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