Thursday, July 9, 2015

11 HSSV Dogs That Nailed Tongue Out Tuesday.

1) This overachieving teen pooch who decided to go big or go home.

2) This recovering sugar-pie who showed us there wasn't nothing wrong with her licker. 

3) Sly little munchkin Arthur who decided to show a little style and go for the pose. 

4) Pup-buddies Tristan and Maisie who decided to one-up Arthur on the pose thing. 

5) This rakish pupper who wears his off to the side. 

6) Confident fuzzbucket Moochie who was so sure he had the tongue-out thing in the bag that he had to laugh. 

7) Photogenic smooshball Sascha who knew he'd pulled it off better than Moochie. 

8) This sneaky little kitten-monster who thought no one would notice she wasn't a dog. (Cheater!)

9) Ambitious foster bean Alameda who knows you're never too young to steal the show.

10) This shy little fluffball who decided to give it a tenative try.

And finally..

11) Eensy-weensy little ham Muffy who wanted to show the big dogs how it's done. 

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