Friday, May 11, 2018

What a Mom Wants

It's almost Mother's Day. And while we know kids make their best guesses at what their moms want (macaroni art, anyone?), it's usually slightly off base. 

But fear not. We know what moms really want. And so do our animals, which is why they're here to give you a list of great ideas for gifts for the moms in your life.

1) A shopping spree

These nice ladies are teaching me what colors go best with my undertones.
Jojo was a mom herself, so she knows how important it is to spend a little time pampering herself. She recently went on her own Mother's Day excursion - to her favorite Sephora shop!

2) A spa day

Don't I look amazing now?
Twix* wasn't a mom, but he sure can appreciate a good spa day. And we're pretty sure your mom would too.

3) A yoga package

If I just stretch a little further I'll get that mouse...
Checkers knows that a good hour at yoga can ease the worries of a crazy week. Here, she's practicing her sideways downward dog (although she wishes you wouldn't call it that). 

4) A lifetime supply of peanut butter

You betcha. Keep it comin'. that just our dogs that want that? Well this is awkward...we're just gonna walk away now... guys really bungled this one.

 But some of your moms might like something even better.

 I think I know what you're gonna say!

Can you guess what it is?

Probably. You all are the worst at creating suspense. Come on, a child a could do better.

To come visit us! We have so many fuzzy, furry, squishable pets who make perfect Mother's Day presents (and did we mention some of them were moms themselves, and totally deserve a new home as their Mother's Day gift?). Spend Mother's Day the best way possible - come see us.

*Twix has been adopted, but if it's fluffies you're after, check out our adoption page - we see fluffies around here a lot.

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