Saturday, July 28, 2018

Shark Week, Puppy and Kitten Style

Baby animals of a certain age are adorable. Fluffy. Heart-melting. 

They're also basically sharks. Adopting a puppy or kitten is like having full-time Shark Week. Hear us out.

Are those fingers? Tasty.

Puppies and kittens are full of angelic goodness. They're also full of razor sharp teeth. 

I know not what you speak of. Teeth? I do not haz.

They're also, often, more than willing to use those tiny needles on inappropriate places. Much like a shark, puppies and kittens use their teeth the way most animals use their noses - to satisfy curiosity. 

I may look angelic, but beware of my bitey bits.

They lack any sort of bite inhibition - teeth are used as their primary way of communicating. Communicating what, exactly? Pretty much anything. "I want this." "Play with me." "MOVING OBJECTS." You get the point.

What's that you got there? I want it. CHOMP.

They can also be incredibly stealthy. One second, everything's quiet. The next, it's pure chaos. They can strike at any time, and you must always be prepared. 

They're right. We've got that "silent yet ferocious" thing down pat.

We're not saying you need to steer clear of puppies or kittens. Like sharks, they're just incredibly misunderstood. And there are things you can do to tone down the bitey-ness.

Bitey? Me? I beg to differ.

Kitten solution: Get your kitten a friend. They take out the craziness on each other and save the cuddles for you.

They....might have a point.

As for your puppy? Get that little maniac into a puppy social or class, stat. Puppies learn not to bite by playing with each other, and classes teach you how to teach them to take it easy with those chompers.

Woohoo! Tazmanian Devil time!

In either case, we've got you covered. Adopt a friend (12 weeks and older!) for your kitten for only $20 on weekdays. And check out our array of puppy classes or drop by one of our weekly puppy socials to get that mouthy puppy under control. 

Sounds fun, when do we start?

Because Shark Week shouldn't last forever.

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