Friday, February 25, 2011

Bogen’s DNA Test Results

By Marie Matheson, HSSV Volunteer

Last month I blogged about DNA testing offered through Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV). I was so intrigued with the service that I decided to have my dog, Bogen, DNA tested. I adopted Bogen, a 3-year-old mix, from HSSV and I’ve always wondered what type of breed mix he is.

The entire DNA process was very easy. I didn’t need to make an appointment and I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. I filled out paperwork and paid while HSSV’s capable staff drew Bogen’s blood sample. The sample was placed in a ready-to-mail, pre-addressed, postage paid box sealed with my dog’s unique sample number.

I put the sample in the mail and within a few days I received an email from the testing company telling me when I could expect Bogen’s test results along with a link allowing me to check the status of Bogen’s test.

Less than two weeks later, I received the results. The results were presented in a six page, easy to read format that gave details on breed makeup back to Bogen’s great- grandparents, breed features and traits, as well as a certificate. The breed traits were helpful in two ways to me: I will modify my training techniques based on Bogen’s particular motivations and will take better care to de-sensitize him to triggers that may cause him to bark. With his breed make-up now defined, I can also research and educate myself on potential, breed-specific health issues.

So what breed is Bogen? Some of the guesses included Chihuahua, Basenji and Miniature Pinscher. Well, the latter is partially correct. Bogen is a Miniature Pinscher, Boston Terrier mix!

For more information on the DNA testing company HSSV’s partners with and the process in general, click here.


  1. Bogen looks great! I remember his story years ago in a mailing for HSSV. Great case for DNA testing, too, Marie!

  2. What a great story Marie! Now that we know, it seems so obvious - especially with his handsome tuxedo white stripe!! :)