Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Tails: Julius

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

When people enter our Saratoga Satellite Adoption Center in PETCO, and we ask if they are looking for a new addition, we often hear that they are “just looking” because they have reached their cat limit. Each person has a different number in mind before they put on the “no vacancy” sign. For some it’s that one special feline who fills their life and for others it takes many more paddling paws to feel complete.

It was Julius’s lucky day when Sean arrived looking to fill an opening in his cat-friendly home. Julius looked massive and tipped the scales at 12 pounds, but the gentle orange tabby was more fluff than substance. He may have looked like a tiger, but he had the heart of a pussycat and preferred a good chin rub to chasing toy mice.

Sean and his partner Gale had a four-cat household and were recently down to three. He had seen the striking longhaired cat online and felt he would be the perfect fit. After talking about how best to set Julius up for success in his new home, we gave Sean and Gale time to prepare a room for their new companion. As we told Sean, it’s best to start out a new cat in his own space, even if that space is a small bathroom, and then gradually begin introductions to the whole feline family. The next day Julius’s adoption was finalized and he was on his way to start his new life.

Julius’s new parents accepted that he needed to adjust on his own time. He is currently splitting his time between a guest bathroom and a back bedroom. He must be getting more comfortable as Sean tells us they found a quirky behavior we did not see at HSSV: Julius chirps as he purrs! Sean and Gale also took the next step in family ties by renaming Julius, Barry. Four is the magic number of cats for Sean and Gale, but it only took one home to make Barry’s story a happy one.

Are you looking for a new addition? Check out this PDF from our online cat behavior library about cat introductions and bring Fluffy home a friend the easy way.


  1. Yay for Julius and his new family! I adopted kitty Jack, at the Saratoga PetCo a bit over a year ago!

  2. As an update: Barry has been integrated into the full household for a week now -- I left the bedroom door open last Friday night. There have been a few scuffles, nothing major (no fur flying, just everyone figuring out their place and what the rules are), and all of the cats tolerate each other well. Barry has even exchanged grooming with each of the other cats.

  3. Woohoo for Julius/Barry!