Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Belle & Amber On Coming to HSSV.

Amber: We were really scared when we went into the first shelter. Thank goodness we have each other. It had been hard enough being out on the streets and the shelter was so much better in some ways - we had food and the people were very kind - but it was so loud. All the barking, all the smells.

Amber looking pensive.
Belle: Do you have a cookie?

Amber: The staff there was fantastic. They knew Belle and I needed each other - she's my daughter and we've never been apart - so they made sure we stayed together.

Belle: I'd really like a cookie.

Amber: It was really crowded there, though. Too many dogs. Not enough space and more coming in all the time. The nice people there realized we were really scared and we would need to go home together so when the HSSV people came to take transfers, they suggested us.

Belle: Can I sit on your lap and eat a cookie?

Amber: The HSSV Foster/Rescue team loaded us on to the van - they're such sweet people. We got lots of hugs on the way in. They introduced to a couple of other dogs to see if we liked them. We tried to make friends with the other dogs but they weren't feeling very friendly.

Belle: I love a good lap but if that's not possible I'll just take a cookie. Did you say you had cookies?

Amber: Then we came here. And it's been wonderful, really wonderful. The food is great and the staff and volunteers come and sit with us all the time. We go on walks, play in the yard and we go to playgroups with the other dogs, too.

Belle: Hard cookies, soft cookies, I'm not picky. Just a cookie please. And maybe a scratch behind the ears.

Amber: This is a lovely place, really beyond compare. But it'd be nice to be in a home. Have some people of our own. We're both so friendly and affectionate and it'd be nice to have some folks. Maybe a lap for each of us. We need to stay together obviously.

Belle: I'm not going anywhere without my mom. Even for a cookie. Speaking of cookies....

Update: ADOPTED 1/12/13!

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