Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where Are They Now?

A Couple Of Fondly Remembered Feline Alumni Check In From Their New Jobs

 Forget Retirement, Senior Alum Darwin Climbs The Corporate Ladder (And Chases The Corporate Mouse)

Darwin had come to HSSV as an eight year old cat who had spent a happy life with dogs and people but they were no longer able to care for him. In 2008 he was adopted into a home with a cat savvy senior dog named Mr. McNab and an adopter that was willing to take a stressed senior cat home. Darwin has since been the master of the house. He has gone on to train a second HSSV alumni senior dog, Max. Darwin has now taken a part time job as mouse detective in his adopter's office. As shown in the picture he is taking the job seriously and has worked through the night on occasion. Although he is good at the job he prefers to go home and supervise Max and his people. He is a big guy that is gentle and tolerant with kids and has been the perfect cat for this home. Thought you might enjoy this photo of Darwin in the office.

Ambitious Youngster Luna Takes A Job As Dog-sitter

Sleek, gorgeous kitty Luna came in through our PUP program. Her mother had an unwanted litter that the guardian couldn't care for. Mom was spayed and returned to the guardian and the kittens came to HSSV to find new homes. Admitted in September, Luna stayed with us for two months  - black kittens tend to have a harder time finding homes. In November Denise came in looking for a companion for herself and her dog, Roxy. Roxy was adopted from us in 2008 and had lived with a cat before. Little Luna made herself right at home with Denise and Roxy. As new guardian Denise says of the two, "they've become great sisters".

And New On The Job Market, Big Rex Seeks Employment.

The economy has been tough on everyone and Rex is definitely feeling the pinch. He went into the San Martin shelter in late December as a stray. After his stray hold was up, he was transferred to us. At the tender young age of five, Rex has been through two shelters and still no takers. Not even an interview. Extroverted and gregarious, he'd be a wonderful home greeter and television viewing companion. With his sturdy build he could probably handle living with dogs and small children - he's a hearty sixteen pounder. If you think he could be a fit for you, call or come in to find out more about him.

(Thanks to Molly Kirkley for additional writing!)

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