Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hire Us!

Will Work for Food!

 "Hire me!"

We have a handful of professional working cats here at HSSV looking for a full-time gig.  While they probably won't don an adorable hard hat for you, they will solve your rodent problem!  They would love to roam your barn, warehouse, corporate campus or plant nursery in exchange for room, board, and meals.  Check out their resumes:


Objective: To rid your land of rodents.

Experience: 3 years of stalking mouse toys, 2 months of letting humans pet me for treats.

Skills: Hiding, pouncing and general handsomeness.

Recommendation: "Rubix loves treats!  When he's feeling friendly, he'll rub on you and purr hello" --Laurie, HSSV cat volunteer


Objective: To live on your property and catch mice all day!

Experience: 2 months of living with other cats, and a lifetime of batting these beautiful blues.

Skills: Sneaking, playing, vanishing into thin air.

Recommendation: "Zoey is a very independent and self-sufficient girl.  And she LOVES other cats!” --Ashley, HSSV staff member

Monsieur Chocolat

Objective: To chase rodents away and look good doing it.

Experience: 3 straight months of handling brief petting sessions with panache.

Skills: Quick learner, quick thinker, and quick mover.

Recommendation: "This guy is a talker!  He has the best meow." -- Jamie HSSV staff


Objective: To dazzle you with my mouse-catching wits.

Experience: Hunting stuffed toys all morning, sleeping all afternoon.

Skills: Being loyal, spry, and adorable to say the least.

Recommendation: "Icicle loves to play with her toys and other cats.  She's practicing for a full time mouser job," --Jaimeleigh, HSSV cat volunteer


To hire one of these eager candidates, call us at 408-262-2133 ext 150 or visit today!

Learn more about our working cat program here

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  1. Update:

    Thanks to you, all of these kitties now have a permanent gig with their new owners! Hooray!