Friday, April 12, 2013

The Claws Make the Paw

Spring has started to bloom and it seems like everyone is sporting an new pedicure to celebrate the return of sandal season. It may also be the time to take a look at our kitty's nail needs. Our cats have plenty of advice to keep toes looking pretty. 

 Chico says: Trim your kitty's claws.  Check out the proper technique to a purrfect manicure.
"I am ready when you are!"

Oden advises: Provide catnip-covered scratching posts to encourage self grooming habits. 
"Cat nip makes everything better."

Fluffy suggests: For a lasting at-home solution apply nail caps like Soft Paws.

"I have a pin board for nail art."

HSSV Almuni Lucien doesn't have anything to add, he just wants you to see how many toes he has.
"Extra toes is extra cute."

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