Tuesday, June 18, 2013

People Believe Really Wacky Things About Chihuahuas.

Our Most Tan-Tastic Dogs Set The Record Straight.

Why are there so many chihuahuas?

This is one of the most common questions we hear. Chihuahuas (AKA chis) are the most common breed in this area. Our population reflects what's coming in from the community. Lots of chihuahuas out there equal lots of the little dudes in here.

The other reason is the shelter guessing game: most of the dogs are not technically chihuahuas - they're chihuahua-ish. They're small, have a more dainty frame and are red, tan, or white. Chances are there's a good bit of terrier, a smidgen of min-pin, possibly a dollop of dachshund in there as well. But since the most common breed in the area is the chi, we're going to call them chi-mixes.

Now on to some of the rumors that circulate about chihuahuas from the everyday to the absolutely ridiculous.

Yappy? You offend my dignity.
Myth: Chihuahuas Bark All The Time.

Chihuahuas do bark - as do labs, shepherds, poodles, cattle dogs and pretty much all breeds of dogs, give or take the odd Basenji or New Guinea Singing Dog. Do they bark more than other dogs? Not particularly. When most people visit HSSV for the first time they have to ask where the dogs are. Our adoption suites are so quiet that most people don't realize the dogs are right behind them. As we have a lot of the little guys, were this myth to hold water it'd be pretty barky and loud in here.

Lady you better have one seriously big bag.
Myth: They're All Little Purse Dogs.

There are some very tiny chihuahuas that can be carried around in purses but for a lot of our chihuahua-ishes, four on the floor is the way to go. Take your friends to the mall and your dog for a walk - we have a little guy for every energy level. Chihuahua ownership doesn't mean giving up an active lifestyle. Dogs like Pogo, Sarah and Ginger are actively seeking hiking and ball throwing buddies.

Please tell me you're joking.
Myth? Chihuahuas Have Magical Healing Properties.

No joking, this story has been around a long time. It can be traced back to 1900's southern folklore. Surely for it to have that much traction it has to be true, right?


Chihuahuas do have healing qualities - all pets do. Pet owners tend to live longer, be healthier and more active and suffer less from depression. That said, don't throw out your inhaler.  But do know that a little body sheds less than a big body so if dog hair is an issue for you then a chihuahua mix might be the way to go.

No.  No no no no no no. Nope.
Myth: Chihuahuas And Other Small Breeds Are Related To Rodents.

Nope. This rumor goes around the internet every now and again, not helped along by satirical websites. Chihuahuas are all dog. They eat kibble, play fetch and go on walks. A lot of these stories have no basis aside from anti-chihuahua bias and the smaller size of some of the little chis.

Additionally the common story of the tourist being sold a sewer rat as a chihuahua on vacation has been soundly debunked. Though if you're thinking of buying a poodle in Argentina you might want to think twice.

So what should you know about chihuahuas?

Purebred chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world. Ancient people believed that they could guide the souls of their owners into the afterlife. The smallest police dog in America is a 7 lb chihuahua/terrier mix named Midge. The North American Flyball Association currently has issued 92 titles to chihuahuas with many more competing. Chihuahuas also compete in many other dog sports.

Other Things You Should Know?

Deniro, the dog with the amazing ears in the first photo, is currently looking for his forever home. Pogo and his enormous toy (in the second photo) are available as well. Just a note that he likes big dogs. Incredulous Dante is here waiting for some folks to fall in love with him. He's a lot of dog in a little package. Scooby is going to keep wrinkling his forehead at you until you come in and adopt him. Come down and meet them!

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  1. Sweet little dogs. They are just bundles of love!