Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Numbers Are In - And The Conclusion Is...

HSSV & Maddies Fund Are Awesome!


That is correct - your eyes are not deceiving you. 226 adoptions in two days. Including.....

Cats and Kittens.

Numerous graduates of our kitten foster program skipped spending a lot of time in the shelter. They were brought in by their foster families just before the event and adopted out within hours of being put up for adoption. 
Jujubee was the second cat adoption of the day.  Her lovely long hair made her a stand out and she was adopted within 20 mins of us opening our doors on Saturday.

Dogs and Puppies!

First out the door on Saturday was ten year old Genevieve.  Her new family had lined up an hour before we opened to make sure the little black terrier would be theirs.

Blog star Holly, our little-big-dog, found a perfect home with two girls to keep in line.

Mr. Milton, our gentlemanly pit bull who was recovering from a sports injury, fell in love with a big family that couldn't wait to bring him home.

And all of us inside were captivated by Milton playing in the grass with his new family.

 Seven Bunnies!

Squirrel's adopters had been in the week before adopting to adopt his littermate. They had a hard time choosing between him and his sister. They decided on his sister but were standing at the doors when they opened on Saturday for the chance to re-unite this bunny family.

One more great equation?

 Amazing Volunteers!

Many thanks to the volunteer army that helped make Maddie's Pet Adoption Days such a success.

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