Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great Moments In Walk 'N Wag History.

Be cool, people.
Buckle your seat belts and hold on tight because this is going to be a wild ride. Last Saturday we had our 11th annual Walk 'N Wag at Hellyer County Park. This was our first year at this location and it was a rousing success. Today we highlight some of our favorite moments.

The League of Enormously Sloppy Kissers

That's Dr. Otto, DDS to you.
All the pooches were feeling the love that day and were not at all shy about showing it. Above HSSV alum Otto (formerly Gene Kelly) makes sure his new mom doesn't have anything stuck in her teeth. Below Frances (also an HSSV alum) mans the kissing booth and acts as the eye wash station.

If you need a patch after this, ask the pirate ladies.
We're not sure but we think that guy got more than he bargained for. There was also this enthusiastic pup who made sure his dad's sinuses stayed clear:

Hold on and I'll clean your glasses, too. 
To see more awesome Walk 'N Wag smoochin', check out this video.

The Bagpiping Husky and Three Pounds of Jaws

No I will not play Misty for you. Freeeeeedom!
Not only was he adorable, he made everyone want to see Braveheart again. It was the first time the majority of folks were really happy to see a bagpiper. Everyone fell in love with this handsome lad.

Laugh all you want. The bathtub is no longer safe.
Terror of the high seas. Or the wading pool. By and large the biggest good sport in a very small package.

The Lazy Dogs
Faster. And I need an umbrella for the sun.
Why walk when you can ride? While we had two options for walking this year - a 3/4 mile route or a longer 5k, some of dogs simply checked the box for 'neither'. These guys have figured out that whenever possible, let someone else do the work. Two thumbs up for smart pooches and awesome owners.

What do you mean it's not actually called Walk 'n Nap?
Seriously, don't mess with this guys ride. And lest you think it's only the smalls who went for designated driver option, don't:

We can't let the dog in stroller beat us! Faster!
 A long walk on a hot day? If you have a burly dad, why bother?

To see some more active dogs (and a couple more lazy ones) check out this.

The Weird, Wonderful and All Around Amazing People

We're going to need a groomer over here. Stat.
Like these fantastic folks who, despite having a terrible hair day, bucked up and came anyway. The dogs looked a little embarrassed to be seen with them but hung in, too.

Beware, mateys. There are sharks in these waters.
The pirate ladies. We don't know where they came from. Perhaps they were chased in by the three pound shark, but we were enormously glad they came. We were also glad that no one saw the Labrador's parrot as chew toy and decided to pull their cutlass.

We're sure there's a child labor law about making your infant volunteer but we're not tellin'.
The smallest crew member. Staff veterinarian Dr. Berger's daughter Lily turned up in a wee little hand-made Crew shirt. Lily is also known as 'Slider' because she's just a tiny Berger. More adorable waggin' kids here.

These kitties had some serious claws. Yay Petey's Paws!
Team Petey's Paws who, in an unprecedented move, threw down the gauntlet for the cats this year. Comprised of HSSV's wonderful cat volunteers this feisty team came out swinging, raising over $10,000. Fe-line' threatened dog people? We hope to see them back next year in all their purring, hissing glory. Viva La Cat Volunteers!

There's a very cool video of more fantastic Walk 'N Waggers here.

A Schnauzer Playing A Tiny Little Piano

I'm not playing Misty again. Ask the husky.
There is absolutely nothing that can be said about a schnauzer playing a little piano that will make it more awesome than it already is.

When all was said and done we raised over $229,000 for the animals. Very, very big thanks to all the great people and companies who turned out and supported us. We hope to see you all next year.

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