Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keep Your Pets Safe On Halloween : Tips, Info and Gratuitous Photos of Our Favorite Adoptables In Adorably Ridiculous Costumes.

If you're a cat, it might be the least wonderful time of the year.

You people better get some useful information out of this.
Cats do not like costumes. Even cats as cool as Joey Ramoney Baloney do not appreciate being dressed up as a cowgirl. It's a shame as he makes an exceptionally cute cowgirl.

We're going to talk about Halloween safety for pets because it's important. It also can be a little dry so we're going to shamelessly use pictures of some of our favorite adoptables being stuffed into costumes to keep you reading.

Don't Let Pets Eat Halloween Candy 

Can I keep the cowboy? Please?
While Joey was peeved about being a cowgirl, Athena was quite delighted to be a cow-pony. We doubt she would have felt the same way had we put an angry Joey-In-His-Cowgirl-Outfit on her back but we wouldn't have done that.

People, please keep the candy away from the pets. Many dogs would love to eat candy - even the Whoppers and those tinfoil wrapped pumpkin things that always wind up not getting eaten until last because they're not as good as the Snickers. That said, do not allow them to eat candy. Pets make notoriously poor diet choices when allowed to. Most candy is toxic to pets. Put it out of their reach.

Have A Safe Place For Them To Hang Out Away From The Fuss

Sad Panda really hopes you pay attention to the Halloween safety bits.
Daisy is a dog of enormous good grace who usually tries to be a sport about everything but this - this is just inhuman. A panda costume? Really?

Make sure your pet has a secure place to hang out during Trick Or Treat time. Pets aren't used to people in costumes and it can scare the pudding out of some animals. Add that to a frequently open and closing door and there's a lot of potential for runaway pets. Keep them contained, safe and inside. If you have a dog that freaks out about the doorbell, a bedroom with a TV or radio on for white noise could be a great idea.

Be More Cautious About Pets and New Kids

Never forgiven. Never ever ever ever.
Speaking of doors, Kimchi would be so out that door if given half a chance. Not because she wants to get away but because someone put her in a Dracula costume. We say 'adorable'. Kimchi says "You will never be forgiven for this".

Even animals that love kids can be freaked out by a kid shaped like Godzilla or a snowman. And if your pet hasn't been around kids before, this really isn't the night to try an intro. There's just too much going on - too many strange sounds and smells.

Admire Beau's Ice Cream Sundae Outfit

Ermagawd! I'm ice cream! Awesome! Can we try on another costume after this?

Oh Beau, you make such an awesome ice cream sundae. Unlike some of our other victims you seem completely ecstatic to be wearing a costume. Why has no one snapped up this little cutie yet? He's a poodle dressed as a sundae. Two of the most popular things in America - ice cream and poodles - right here looking for a home. Forget handing out candy, you should really come in and meet these guys.

We're out of good holiday tips but we're not out of amazing pets who need homes that we stuffed into Halloween costumes.

Stick An Adorable Teenage Pibble In A Dragon Costume

You see this look? You deserve this look. It's my beleagured look.
In fact we're full of awesome potential doggy/kitty trick or treaters that would love to be at your door this Halloween. And this Thanksgiving. And this Christmas, and New Years, and Groundhog Day and even for those minor little holidays like National Bacon Day and Official High Five Day. To see our amazing adoptables click here or come down.

And Black Cats Are NOT Unlucky

Black cats AREN'T unlucky. And like the other cat, I will never forgive you for this.
One more thing? Black cats aren't bad luck. The only thing that makes Daphne more upset than being stuffed into a bee costume is when people think black cats are bad luck. And as she's sporting a stinger in this get-up, we'd really suggest not making Daphne upset.

All of our models are here, available for adoption, and begging you to come get them before we start sticking them in turkey outfits for Thanksgiving. Honestly, all of these guys are such good sports that they were purposely chosen to be the models. No one was tortured in the making of this blog and lots of hot dogs, treats, and string cheese were used as compensation. 

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