Friday, November 1, 2013

Put a Cat on It!

Inspired by the amazing internet phenomenon (where "on the internet, you can put a cat on something and just call it awesome"), we have decided to put some of our available cats on stuff.  Because everything is better with a cat on it!

"I am not amused." -- Hot Dog

Embarrassed by that ridiculous family Halloween photo?

Tah-Dah!  It's Bronx!  Much better.

Put a cat on it!


 Trapped in a super boring meeting at work?

"A game of I Spy will wake you up!" -- Button the kitten

Put a cat on it!

Oh, carpool lane, how I envy you...

Stuck in endless traffic and tired of staring at your dashboard?

Woo hoo!  Carpool here we come!

Put a cat on it!

It's just... so.. (ahem)... moving...

Tired of art you don't understand?

Oh, now I get it!

Put a cat on it!

Seriously, dude?

Creeped out by the guy taking up the whole bench at the bus stop?

"Get out the way!" -- Leonette

Put a cat on it!

Love the way your hair looks in that one photo of you but hate that your ex is in it?

Instantly better.

Put a cat on him!

Bronx, Button, Joey, Pixie, Leonette and Regina are all available for adoption here at HSSV along with many other wonderful kitties.  Come visit and we'll be happy to put a cat on you!

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