Monday, August 25, 2014

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool! VOTE CATS!

Dogs vs. Cats!

Click here to vote for your favorite pet and register for a chance to win two tickets to our Furball gala in April.

But first thing's first, let us HSSV cats state our case.  Because when it come to a little lively competition, we are anything but scaredy-cats.  Unless of course, the competition involves a vacuum, then it's anybody's game.
You dogs may have tried your best to convince the humans that your species is "better" (an adorable, albeit pathetic attempt), but we think all of the intellectuals out there know the truth -- cats will always and forever be superior to dogs.  We have racked our particularly well-developed brains and have come to the realization that there simply is no reason you shouldn't vote cat.  Our hopelessly dopey dogs could only muster up five reasons to vote for them (poor souls), so now it's our turn.  Here are SIX reasons to Vote Cat!

1. We are civilized.
Like Hansel here.  Which is why he's already been adopted.
Case in point: the litterbox.  While that big, slobbery, messy thing tends to do it's business wherever it so pleases -- your shoes, the neighbor's lawn, under the bed -- us cats have been using litterboxes since we were the size of a pear.  And do you see that?  We even buried it for you, because yes, we hate the smell as much as you do.  Does the dog do that?  I think not.  You're welcome, humans. 

2. We aren't needy buffoons.  We ARE great roommates.
And great conversationalists, like Pico de Gato.
We know for a fact that we are the chillest pets around.  You can rest assured knowing we won't bark like a maniac and wake the neighbors, we definitely won't jump up on strangers and whine to be held, and we would never be caught staring at you.  Every. Second.  Of every.  Day.  We require zero walks, minimal petting, and very little maintenance.  Cats are kinda like the roommate you've always wanted -- we'll pretty much stick to our own thing, but at the end of the day we're happy just chillaxin on the couch and watching awesomely stupid YouTube videos with you (like this one.  Vote cat).

3. Two words. Laser light.
Blake just can NOT take the excitement of that mysterious red dot.  Or his blue bunny.  Or your shoelaces.
What other animal can you exercise without even getting out of your chair?!  We're not saying be lazy, but we're not NOT saying it either.  Just do these two things: number one, buy a laser light.  Number two, push the button.  That's it.  No fumbling with tangly leashes.  No having to touch gross, slobbery tennis balls.  No driving to the dog park.  Just push a button and we'll get all the exercise we'll need for the whole day (minus the nighttime zoomies we will inevitably do on top of you in bed.  Just 'cuz).  Us cats don't mind this sort of workout because we know for a fact that that light can be caught.  And one day we WILL catch it.

4. Bath-time?  Unnecessary.
Freckle says: "Hey, dogs.  Ever heard of a tongue?  Wouldn't hurt you to use it once in awhile.  Just sayin'."

5. We will always and forever be adorable.
No joke, have you ever had a cat that was ugly?  Actually, scratch that (pun intended).  Forgot about these guys.  But seriously, even senior kitties are freakin' CUTE!  You will rarely see a cat go gray or look her true age.  Cats will always age beautifully, making for nonstop photo ops, like this adorable cat selfie.  Which brings us to reason number six to vote cat...

6. If you really need another reason, just google "cats."

 The internet is made for cats.  Old cats, funny cats, smart cats, cats riding Roombas.  We double DOG dare those dogs to find as many awesome websites about them.

There's a cat website for when you're feeling silly, and one for when you're feeling nostalgic.  This one could make your own feline famous, and you can get a little eye candy from this one.  This one will distract you from daily stresses, and you artsy right-brained people will appreciate this one.  Need we go on?  We could, but we're not 100% positive the dogs are following us at this point.

So now that our cats have convinced you why they are the obvious choice for best pet, click here to vote cat!  You know you want to...

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