Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Reasons Figaro Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Okay, so we're completely stymied. We have this absolutely awesome, amaze-balls, fantastic, fun little dude sitting on our adoption floor. He's been hanging out there since May - MAY? This is like the Mona Lisa making it to yellow tag sale day at the Goodwill. A Tesla being sold on craigslist with no takers.  A free burrito day at Chipotle with no lines. These things just don't happen. How does Figaro keep getting overlooked? What's going on here? 

Let us break this down for you. Even if you're not looking for a pooch you might know someone who is and you can steer them in his direction. Undoubtedly they would spend the rest of their lives enormously grateful to you for helping them find the best dog ever. 

I'll poop outside AND give you a kiss for noticing my awesomeness. Yes, I rule. 
1) Yes indeed - he seems to be housebroken. While we can't guarantee it, this patient little fellow holds it until someone takes him out. Even overnights, which is hard. Can we underestimate how huge this is? This kid isn't going to piddle on your rugs and leave unpleasant surprises in front of your bathroom door for you to find in the middle of the night. WIN.

She was yelling at her gardener on the phone? In the office? NO!
2) He's a great listener. You know that Alice at work, the one who drives you nuts because she spends all day making loud personal calls and you know way too much about her kids soccer coach and her husband's bad laundry habits? Figaro wants to hear all about it. He's totally on your side. He hates Alice as much as you do. There is almost always a volunteer or staff member hanging out in Fig's room because he's such good company and there's so much to tell him. He'll wait all day for you to come home at the end of the day and tell him the latest installment of office life with that loudmouth. WIN. 

Is this all you got? Let's try that teeter thing. 
3) He's fearless. You see that blue board our man is standing on? That's about four feet off the ground. That's like two stories to a shorty like our Figgy. No problem-o. He couldn't care less. You have a cookie, he's willing to work it out with no drama. No shivering, retiring wallflower here. WIN.

This is my Zoolander face. 
4) You have to love a dog that will let you dress him up. And with his short, sleek coat he looks good in everything. Hawaiian shirt? Fine. Silly Halloween costume? Bring it. Not only is he going to rock it, he's going to be a super good sport about you mooshing him into it. He'll even smile. Or do that sultry, moody pose if that's what you want. Fig is a very, very active nine years old. At his age he's secure enough in who he is that he doesn't get a complex from wearing a little doggy Jackie O. outfit. WIN.

Mom's being unfair, Junior? Tell me all about it. I got you, kid. 
5) He's okay with your kids. In fact, he'll probably love them. He's such a champ about everything we throw at him. Since he loves people so much he tends to get elected to do a lot of our PR jobs. Corporate volunteer groups? He acts as our ambassador. Offsite visit to a corporate partner? Grab Figgy, he makes friends where ever he is. A kid wants to pat a dog? He's on it. With a smile and a kiss.

Obviously after reading this the first question out of your mouth is "How can I meet this furry gentleman? Because I must meet him NOW." You're an intelligent person, you know quality when you see it. Good for you. All questions are answered. He can't wait to meet you and neither can we. 

(A quick photo note: Elizabeth is always such a good sport about our oddball photo requests be it taking them or appearing in them. And about Figaro cleaning out her nostrils while she sings his praises. She's also responsible for the great videos that you see these guys in action. Amazing volunteer Martha would never, ever gossip about annoying coworkers but was great about letting Jackie Mac, the volunteer responsible for so many fantastic blog pics, photograph her daily chat with Figs. Thanks guys! And thanks for loving the little guy as much as we do. )

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