Thursday, October 2, 2014

Senior Pets = Best Pets

 Now before you take offense from Grumpy Cat's slightly hostile sentiment, consider his objective.  Growing old in this day and age is something to aspire to!  Ah, the respect!  The admiration!  The free stuff!  It's all awesome.  The benefits of being in your golden years today are too many to count... and now there's one more.

HSSV has long admired seniors, both four-legged and two-legged.  Case in point: our Seniors for Seniors discount on adoptions, where humans 65 and older get half off their adoption fee when they adopt an animal over 6 years of age.  Win-win?  We think so.  Because being old doesn't mean you can't open a new chapter in life.  And these senior kitties can prove it!


 I am everyone's favorite senior cat.  I'm talkative, friendly, and up for anything!  You could call me the feline Betty White:

I'm like an old friend you've always had in your life.  Once we get together, we'll laugh like we're kids again!


I'm a devastatingly handsome fellow always up for a new adventure.  Whether that means rescuing a damsel in distress (aka: you in the evil clutches of that fringed blanket) or just binge-watching all the 007 movies with you on your favorite recliner.  I'm like your very own Sean Connery:

With my debonair sense of style, I'll make you look good no matter what we're doing.  Even if what we're doing is just snoring on the sofa.
I'm a confident, independent lady who knows what she wants in life.  If it's company you want, I'll happily warm your lap.  Of course, I have my quirks -- but who doesn't really?  I'd love to be your kitty Cloris Leachman:

Me-yow!  I know I look good and I'm not afraid to show it.

I'm a sassy little lady with a very unique look.  Being a female orange tabby, you could call me one in a million.  With my lovable nature (and my incredible singing talents), you could even call me Dolly Parton:

Just look at my gorgeous locks!  Can you believe I just woke up like this?  How anyone could not like me?!

Down-to-earth, easy-going and sweet as can be, I will gladly be the love interest in the Rom-Com that is your life!  I'm already dolled-up in my best duds ready to steal your heart with my smiley eyes and irresistible gray locks.  Just call me Richard Gere:

Age is nothing but a number, baby!  I dare you to resist this charm.


Speaking of charm, have you met me yet?  I am Cleo and I am fabulous.  I am confident in my plus-sized body -- so much so that I have yet to find a lap I cannot squeeze into (and believe me, I will try).  Some might call me a dreamer, but that's only because I'm happy sleeping the day away on the highest shelf I can find.  Laughing gray hair in the face, you could say I'm Angelica Huston:

 Embracing my age with grace and redefining the meaning of "senior!"

Even older felines deserve a new start in life.  Adopt a senior pet today!

*UPDATE: Ruby the cat has found a forever home!  Go Ruby!

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