Sunday, October 12, 2014

Five Former HSSV Dogs That Are Having The Best Day EVER.

If you didn't know that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog month then we have big news for you:

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog month.

Forget giving the dog a bone, give him a home. Not because you feel sorry for him but because he's awesome. 

To remind everyone of how fantastic adoption is we present five HSSV dogs having the best day EVER.  Not only are the dogs having the best day, the people attached to the pooches are pretty stoked as well. You know why? Because Adopt A Shelter Dog month is sort of like December in the best way possible. The same way the holidays give you an excuse to go look at ridiculous displays, eat what you want, give presents and watch folks be happy, Adopt A Shelter Dog Month gives you a great excuse to visit your local shelter, meet some great dogs, maybe drop off a donation or offer a scratch behind the ears to a pooch on the launchpad to a great new home. 

Case in point:

1) An Adopted Danny Boy On His Way Home.

If you read this blog regularly (or follow us on Facebook), this should make you want to cry. Loving, goofy Danny, famous for being the perpetual good sport and devotee of the doggy pool, goes home with a family that came in just to meet him. He waited over four months for his forever people to find him and you know what? They couldn't love him more. Neither can we. 

2) Former Foster Dog Pig Adores Some Lap Time With A Buddy.

Pig really didn't like institutional living. As awesome as our Animal Community Center  (and our volunteers) are, Pig just wasn't having it. He got snarly with staff, got diarrhea and developed a nasty habit of screaming at other dogs. Fussy and eccentric, he was just a particular guy who was used to being in a home. Because our Rescue And Foster Department is so amazing and because we don't give up on pooches, he was able to go into foster care. Turned out he was a gem - a housebroken, funny, calm little guy who loved cuddling and was unbeatably loyal. This photo was taken the day before his forever dad found him. These days he's loving living the life he was meant to - sleeping next to his new dad and all. 

3) Bert Discovers The Toy Box.

Bert's owners had to leave the country and the little guy was pretty bereft. A mere 11 month old pup,  he had more energy than a chipmunk on a triple shot of espresso. Organizationally we have a lot of things going for us. Things like fantabulous donors and ridiculously great volunteers. A never ending supply of stuffies  (and human playmates to help him wrestle them) kept him active and engaged until he went home. 

4) Lucy and Charlie Stay Together. 

Winding up in a shelter is hard enough. Winding up in a shelter and separated from the buddy you've spent your whole life with is impossible. Which is why when bonded pairs can't face being away from each other, we make sure they find a home together. Does it mean it will take longer to find them that home? Yup, sometimes. But it's worth it.

On another note, these guys are available. And if you haven't contemplated a pair, there are lots of benefits to adopting two dogs. 

On yet another note, Panda and Bamboo had a seriously awesome day several months back when they were adopted together. Because if your a pretty shy pooch and you NEED your outgoing kitty buddy to get you through the day, we'll find a way to make that work, too. 

And Finally...

#5) Guinness Rocks The Strawberry Shortcake Costume of Triumph. 

For those of you who never met Guinness, The Most Interesting Dog In The World, he originally came to us as a mostly paralyzed stray with a grim prognosis. Last year he attended Walk 'N Wag with his foster mom, the amazing Genevieve, where this canine slice of ham sang country songs and wobbled around in his wheel chair being an ambassador for foster dogs and special need pooches. 

This year he came on his own four paws with his adopted family, his canine buds, and an amazing costume. Between the dedication of Genevieve, our amazing Medical team, donated physical therapy from Scouts Fund and the best adopters ever, Guinness has moved on to having the big life he deserves. A Twitter star, he enjoys an active life as a beloved family member. And he does it all under his own steam - no wheels needed. 

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month isn't a time for sadness and pity, it's a time for hope, happiness and new starts. Get in on it. Start here

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  1. Precious! I'm so happy for all these sweet animals. :)