Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cute Kittens with Pumpkins? Yes, Please!

It's beginning to look a lot like... Autumn!  The leaves are falling, there's (finally) a breeze in the air, and the Halloween costumes are already on clearance at Target.  Yes, it's October.  But what you HAVEN'T heard is the silence of the kittens.  They're still out there, meowing and in need of homes.  Kitten season has yet to draw to a close and in celebration of the babies that are still awaiting their forever families, we thought we'd introduce them to you in proper fall fashion -- amongst pumpkins.  Because who can resist cute kittens playing with pumpkins?  Certainly not us.

Photography by Airin Adrenaline

Photography by Airin Adrenaline

Photography by Airin Adrenaline

While we can't guarantee any of these fur babies will don a Halloween costume with you this year (at least not willingly), we CAN guarantee that they will make your life way cuter.

Check out all of our available animals on our website -- we've got cats and kittens at all four of our locations!

Update: Cici has been adopted!  Here's to many more days of nibbling pumpkin stems in your new home, little girl!


  1. Kittens just like to play, he is not mean. A ball of paper or a string will keep him occupied for hours. Most cats continue to play some even when they are grown. The games they play are preparing them to "hunt". It is in their genetic make up to hunt. Even a well fed house cat will stalk and hunt a mouse or lizard it given the chance. Enjoy his playfulness I have gotten many hours of laughter from watching a kitten. View this site

  2. I love cats and kittens I have four lol, and it’s probably just because she is in a new environment the best way to introduce a kitten to a new place is to put it in a little room (with food, water and a litter box)
    and just let her get the hang of things and later let her investigate your house. And yes when cats get older they normally calm down.
    ps. if she’s not neutered or spayed, witch ever one i forget witch ones for females, cats tend to be wild and once she’s old enough you should neuter her that calms them down.
    Hope I helped