Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Bunch of Smiling, Laughing, Floating Dogs. And One Petulant Walnut.

We're having an epidemic of happy. Maybe it's the crisp bite of fall in the air or news of the new Neighborhood Adoption Center in Mountain View but everyone seems to be absolutely besides themselves with joy. Optimism seems to have taken over our pooches and we're full of silly grinning dogs like Brooke.

Check me out. How you doin'?
And ridiculous laughing pooches like Paisley Ann.

Oh my gawd, stop. I think I just shot canned food out my nose...
It's like everyone knows that fall brings all sorts of promise. Like the promise of a new forever home soon. Yup, it looks like a casting call for 'Glee' around here except for one exception:

Go away. 

No matter how much peer pressure was exerted on him, Walnut refused to get in on the good times. Even when the Schnauzer Sisters and Bodi got so absurdly, insanely happy that they were literally flying in the dog park....

Ground control, WE ARE AIRBORNE!! HA!

Walnut remained unhappy. 

Find some dignity, furballs. 
By the way, if you haven't seen a shaggy schnauzer smile, it's a sight to behold. It looks suspiciously like a someone tickled a hairball.

What's a groomer and why am I scheduled to meet one? 

Anyway Tristan got all crazy zen belly rub smiley. 


Walnut showed a little interest but still zip, zilch, nada, no grin.

So that looks relaxing. Whatever. Harumph.
But then there was Danny Boy. We love Danny Boy for a billion reasons but one of the biggest ones is that he pretty much always has this look on his face:

Awww...I lurf you guys too. Let's hug it out.
Danny Boy, being the silliest, happiest, most accommodating and ridiculous pooch on the premises did this:

Ok. So maybe I don't lurf you guys so much right this minute. 
and that seemed to break Walnut's steely grim-face determination. At which point we discovered that Walnut, while a lovely dog, has a smile that can only be described as...

A frisbee! On his head! I can't....I just can't...


Oh my gawd, you guys broke me, that's just great. A frisbee!
Oh dear.

The good news? Walnut got adopted. Which proves that there's someone for everyone. However all of the other awesome, exuberant pooches in this blog are still waiting for homes. So you need to come meet them. Right Bernadette?

If we can make him smile, imagine what we could do in your house.

Yup, that's what we thought. 

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