Friday, February 20, 2015

The Daily Sweet Potato Update: The Butt Is Hairy And The Home Hunt Is On!

First, spend 23 seconds watching this. You'll be happy you did.

As you can tell, we're beside ourselves with the news...

You know I'm happy when I smile big enough to park a VW in my mouth.
That our makeover-in-slo-mo-social-media superstar is finally ready to find her own place. If you didn't see her earlier blog, you should. Sweet Potato, the unflappable and perpetually grinning pibble puppy who came to us with scabs where her hair should have been, has completed enough treatment that she's ready to move to permanent digs. 

You can tell I'm not happy when I have sunflowers on my head. 
Since she started her journey with us, the six month old has been appearing daily in her own hashtag (#dailysweetpotato) on social media where the world has watched her go from hairless butt to home-ready princess. 

Forget those Disney cartoons. We make way better princesses.

Along the way she met Awesome Foster Mom and her BFF Benjamin...

He's like a friend and a sofa all wrapped up in one..
Then bunked with Little Hooman and her peeps. Sweet Potato and Little Hooman became so tight that if we could find her another home with little hoomans she'd be delighted.  Little hoomans drop food, are amicable to face kisses and like naps so they have a lot in common with Sweet Potato.

Read the bit about the hippos again, Little Hooman...
Despite the fact she now has hair on her butt she still needs a wee bit more treatment. Which is why we're looking for a foster-to-adopt situation. Basically she'd be moving in with her new family permanently but we'd be helping get her through the last few weeks of treatment for demodex, the non-contagious skin issue she's been recovering from. 

What should you know if you'd like to take this internet phenom and angel pibble home?  

First of all, she's the best dog ever and is much beloved by volunteers, staff and pretty much everyone who crosses her path. 

Also she's amazing with other dogs of all sizes. Bigs, littles - bring 'em. She loves to play. Her best friend is a six month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. 


And she has the most amazingly adorable tongue nubbin that sticks out when she's happy or sleeping.


Because she is still getting over her skin stuff, potential adopters should expect that she'll need baths on a regular basis and that they'll need to bring her back here for medical care until that's done. We'll cover the medical care but they will need to be a Sweet Potato taxi to her medical appointments.

Foster mom? Can we talk about this bath thing? 

They also need to know that she is still a puppy. While she's a champ about housebreaking and chewing, she does need her playtime. She's a shorty-snorty mellow pooch but teenage dogs will be teenage dogs. She loves her walkies and park time. 

So if you'd like to throw your hat in the ring to be considered for the best pooch ever, call Casaundra at 408.262.2133 ext 183. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Awesome! Another beautiful dog and beautiful people. Thank you Finn!

  2. This dog is so sweet! You must meet her if you are looking for a doggie family member.

  3. I have been watching her journey from the beginning. She just looks like the best dog EVER. We just adopted a lab mix puppy a couple months ago. I would love to have her as a companion to him but I think my landlord would have a heart attack! I wish there wasn't such a stigma and discrimination attached to owning a pit bull. She is just lovely.

  4. Most of the time, living in Texas is awesome. But then there are those times ya just wanna bring home a Sweet Tater but she's too far away.

    I know she'll find a lovely, happy home. Keeping my fingers crossed that it has lots of little hoomans for her to love on. Great job with her rehabilitation, guys!!