Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Slow Wanderin' Chi of Many Names...

This is Columbus. He's the laziest explorer ever. 

Can you just put the food bowl here? I don't want to get up.

Columbus and a bunch of other chihuahuas were found wandering the wilds of Sunnyvale. They went exploring en masse and a good Samaritan found them wandering by the side of road. He rounded them all up and brought them in but their patrons (or whoever it is that funds chihuahua expeditions) never came for them.

Since he's been here Columbus hasn't done much but sleep, eat and make a lot of human friends. He's a healthy little guy, he's just a man of leisure.

The other thing Columbus has done is rack up a bunch of nicknames. Pig-Pig, for his silly snorting and snuffling noises.

Snuffle snuffle. Oink.   

Slo-Mo for his glacially slow walking pace. Columbus is a super-sweet little cuddly lap warmer but not a hiking partner. We don't know how far from his starting point Columbus was when he was found exploring but however far it was it's a pretty sure bet he didn't get there quickly. A quick lap around the parking lot can easily be a twenty minute excursion.

I'll be there when I get there and not a minute sooner.   

Columbus/Pig-Pig/Slo-Mo is eagerly looking for someone who loves television, people watching and handing out treats. They should have a warm lap and not walk too quickly. If it sounds like he's your speed, come see us today.

On a final note, we close with another one of our slower-paced pooches demonstrating what 'food motivated' means. Meet Smee, who also enjoys a warm lap and has no desire to go jogging. 

Ermaghawd, COOKIE!

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