Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dogs May Never Lie About Love But They Occasionally Bend The Truth About Food

Ummm....excuse me. Do you have a cookie?

No worries, I'll get one myself. Hey lady, your treat bag is empty.

Yes, I have a cookie. No, you may not touch it.

Hi Erica. Don't touch my cookie.

I appreciate that you brought me a new blanket but keep your hands away from my cookie.

Everyone's trying to touch my cookie! Run!

Oh good. They left.

Cookie, you'll be safe here.

Safe and hidden.

Keep warm, little cookie.

What? Cookie? No. There's no cookie here. I don't know what you're talking about.

(Editors note: Sumi was dishonest. There WAS a cookie.)

Ummm....can I have another cookie? I can't find mine. 


Despite her occasional fibbing about treats, Sumi is a sweet, playful young dog who's lived with kids and other dogs. Come meet her today. And bring cookies!


  1. I will make a personal delivery to Sumi later today. It's obvious to me that she's not receiving enough cookies.

  2. Sumi is nearly identical, in appearance and behavior, to my little Patches. We adopted her from a Sacramento shelter. She either scarfs down her cookie or, likes Sumi, goes all over the house to find a good hiding place for it. Then she worries about it, jumping off my lap to go move it. Funny dogs!