Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Donut Flunks Easter.

Happy Easter HSSV Dogs! Easter egg hunt!


Donut's so happy.

Which one should I get first? 

This one. And this one. And this one. 

And that one. And....hey.....where'd all the sausage go?

No, Donut. Not the bunny. That's not an egg.

Wait, Donut, oh no.....not the stuffed  Easter Bunny.

Donut is a friendly, goofy guy who loves stuffed animals and doing zoomies. He's always happy to make a new friend, human or canine, and will play for hours. His favorite things are stuffed KONGs, Vienna sausages and any stuffed animal he can make off with. At 78 lbs he's a bit of a big lug but he walks well on a leash and is always up for a new adventure. If you'd like an Easter Donut come see us today!

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