Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden Guardians

There is something I must confess, procrastination is my middle name when it comes to landscaping my 7,000 square foot back yard, especially in 90 degree weather.  But last weekend, I finally put my big girl pants on and got to work.

As I put sweat, blisters and tears into every inch of my yard and garden I found a surprise.  Mice! Yes, I said mice! These little guys had been tearing up my garden, flower beds and made a home in my shed. Pesky little critters!

Mice were a new problem for me but my work at HSSV lead me straight to the solution.  I could bring another kind of four-legged furry friend home that they might not be so comfortable meeting face to face - a working cat!

A couple weeks ago we adopted out 4 working cats. Icicle and Monsieur Chocolat went to one open "position" while Earl Grey and Zoey were "hired" by another family.  These kitties got a new start providing rodent security sweeps in exchange for food and board.  These outside cats were spayed or nuetered, microchipped, tested, and vaccinated before starting "work". They are behaviorally tested to be suitable
 for this kind of placement, so you know you can trust them with us as a "reference". 

I always thought that a working cat wasn’t an option for me because I thought of these types of cats as “Barn Cats”. But it makes sense that if mice live here, so can cats.   My small garden could use a guardian too!  So, I got myself signed up to be called to adopt the next garden cat that becomes available.   Goodbye mice, hello summer of BBQs!

To sign up to get a garden cat of your own, 
call us at 408-262-2133 x 150 or email at

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