Friday, May 3, 2013

Why bubbles are awesome: A cat's perspective

1. They float!

"Can't.  Look.  Away."        --Bates

2. They sneak up on you.

"Woah!  Where'd that come from?!"       --Belladonna

3.  They are almost as fun as laser lights.

"GOTCHA!"       --Tess

4.  They are beautiful.

"Like me."        --Oden

5.  They are fun to chase.

"I eat you, bubble!"       --Puttabee

 6.  They are fun to stalk.

"Closer...clooooseerrrr..."        --Leanne

7.  They're a little scary.  But in an awesome way.

"OK, bubble.  You stay there and I'll stay here.  Deal?"       --Icicle

8. You can stomp on them!

"POP!"      --Foster

9.  Bubbles are just awesome.

"Sigh. They bore me."       --Jeffrey

Check out these and more bubbling beauties on our website, or in person!  All of these kitties are available now for adoption and are looking for a home full of love... and bubbles.

(HSSV alum, Pirate, sums it up best: Bubbles are awesome.)
 "BUBBLE!!!!!"       --Pirate

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