Thursday, May 9, 2013

June Bug Needs To Have A Serious Talk With You.

Hey there. Thanks for coming. Sit down, we need to have a chat. This won't take long but it's important. Look, I've been here a while. It's time you think about taking me home. I know I was a hot mess when I came in:


I'd been living at a construction site with two friends for quite a while. It wasn't the easiest life and from the looks of us the shelter staff guessed we'd been out there for some time. The nice construction guys were feeding all of us but we were a little too scared to make friends with them. When the construction company finished the building they were working on they brought us here so we'd be safe. I looked horrible, I know. And I was super scared of people. We all were.

My friends got adopted but I'm still here. I'm still a bit scared of people but after I meet you once or twice I warm up. I've made a lot of friends since I've been here. Like Greg:

And Denny:

My world has gotten a lot bigger since I got here. I've learned how to enjoy the pool - we didn't have one of these out at the construction site:

I have a working relationship with doggy playground equipment now:

I even know how to shop. I'd like one or two of these. But with peanut butter:

So seriously, what's the deal? Why haven't come in to adopt me yet? Sure I'm a little shy but I'm active and fun:

I'm very zen about nature:

I play well with others:

So explain to me exactly what the issue is. I'm here, you're there, let's get this show on the road. Just get yourself down here and let's meet:

C'mon. Get off the computer. We have a date.

Update! June Bug was adopted yesterday (5/15), check out her pin board to see family photos from her time at HSSV and her new parents.

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