Thursday, May 8, 2014

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee - Meet The Contenders.

They're small. They're a little rough around the edges. They might not be looking their best right now but don't be fooled, these two are tough as nails and gentle as bunnies. No, they're not going to fight each other - they're not going to fight at all, in a literal sense. But you can't deny these two are fighters on par with Mohammed Ali and George Foreman. If you respect tenacity, strength and a never-say-die attitude, these two featherweights are ones to watch.

You remember that 'Survivor' song? Let's sing it. Together. 
(UPDATE: Maxi is ADOPTED! Read his story anyway but after reading, please do happy-dance with us!)

Wearing the reddish coat with the crooked smile:

Maximouse, weighing in at a whopping seven pounds. Like most fighters, his teeth aren't what they should be. 
Too easy. Want something harder.

Previous bouts: Living in a back yard with some big dogs and a very limited supply of food, Maxi spent his first five years avoiding narrowly avoiding starvation. He came to us emaciated and with damage to his mouth that necessitated the removal of most of his teeth. A double whammy as trying to put on weight with a painful mouth is near impossible. Despite odds being stacked against him, he fought his way through, not only surviving but thriving. In addition to conquering dire physical circumstances, he's had to be introduced to a world he was completely unaware of. He not only wins the match for being in fighting form but also for amazing, lightening fast socialization. There's nothing this boy can't beat.

His favorite things: treats, more treats, his best friends Kara and Jackie, singing, and making ridiculous faces for Jackie's camera.

Secret weapons: You can't stop this boy. In the past few weeks he's mastered some of the agility equipment, the kiddie pool, and nailed his leash walking skills. We're running out of things to teach him.

Reasons to add him to your roster: What CAN'T this dog do? Funny, smart, inspiring and adventurous, he's a shoo-in. If you're looking for a tragic figure, keep lookin' - he's not your dog. He's too busy singing like Sinatra when he sees his favorite people and being a goofball with his friends.

Have you seen my eyes? Look at them. You will give me what I want.

Wearing the...well, actually not wearing much of a coat at all right now:

Misha - weighing in at ....well, not enough but we're working on it. 

Previous bouts: Like Maxi, Misha is a product of backyard living. Diagnosed with skin problems years ago, her owners didn't pursue treatment and as a result Misha has been having a really bad hair day the past few years. The cuisine in the backyard was also not what it should have been so as a result she's been looking a little waifish. When she first came in we weren't sure what could be done for her but since we've had her the answer is simple: everything. This pooch doesn't give up and doesn't let anyone give up on her. Now looking a little chunkier and growing her coat back, she's been hanging out at a doggy day care and making friends with anyone who can spare a lap for a while. Her rough early years haven't deterred her from loving people and making new friends.
If you stop patting, I turn the eyes on you.

Her favorite things: Being on top of you, food, hanging out with you, food, going for walks with you, food, being patted by you, food, just you in general. And did we mention food?

Secret Weapons: In terms of puppy dog eyes, we don't think there's ever been a more deadly mix than Dachshund and Beagle. Be prepared to hand over whatever you're eating. No one can resist that gaze.

Reasons to add her to your roster: You can't resist that combination of super sweet and determination. Like us, you're looking forward to seeing her blossom even more with some love. And have you seen her eyes? If you can say no to those eyes you might not be human.

And in the....hey, Cedric, what are you doing here?

I'm a boxer. 
Cedric is also available for adoption. He's new so we don't know a lot about him yet but he does make into this blog on a technicality. Well played, Cedric. Well played. 

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  1. Too cute! Love those two pups! Let's help them find homes together.

  2. Can't believe Cedric is still with us. I was sure he would be adopted within hours of being put up as available for adoption!!