Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hard Truths: The Dogs Of HSSV Face Some Important Facts

For this week's dog blog we sat down with some of our adoptables for a serious chat. Before they go to new homes, we feel it's important that they face some serious facts about themselves. 

 Luna how are you doing? 

Good. Is this like a super serious talk or can I have a cookie?
 Look, it's about your eye. It's missing. You only have one eye. 

Oh. Oh my. That is serious. 
We're sorry. We know that's a tough thing. But other dogs have two eyes. 

Interesting. I'm over it. Can we have cookies now? 

Mellie, this is kind of a tough one. We know how dogs aren't great with mirrors and all but we thought you should know....

You sound so stern. I feel like this is going to be good...

You're not a poodle. Your foster brother and sister? They're poodles. You're not. You're a chihuahua.

WHAT? I thought we were the same and they just had perms.

Nala, we really need to have a talk. It's good to have a dream, a goal to work towards.

Do I have to stop chewing while we talk? 
But you're a dog. You're not allowed to compete in Free Diving competitions.  It's not going to happen.

Doesn't matter. Still going to practice. 
Misha, you look so much better than you did before...

Uh oh.
But you're still sort of skinny and bald. 

Don't care, hair will grow back, life is so much better now. Going for a hike. 

You know who are great models for self-acceptance? Dogs. You know who has great dogs? We do. Regardless of how you feel about yourself, we have an awesome dog who will love you just the way you are. Phoebe & Luna, Nala and Misha are all looking for new homes. Mellie is still settling in a bit but she'll be available soon as well.

Meet them and find unconditional love here

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