Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's A Cat In A Box!

 Sometimes life is so darn simple it amazes me. Like the goodness of a mango sorbet on a hot summer day or the endless pleasures of spending a whole weekend Netflix-ing "Gilmore Girls" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

 Rory and Picard got my back.

But why do I speak of these simple things? Our cats have something to say about the simple life, one word, boxes. We thought what could be more wonderful and more simple, than putting a box in a room with a cat and watching the magic happen. This is what we captured, enjoy...

Our recently adopted long time resident, Tyra, had a good time in a re-purposed shoe box.

Why is you looking at me?

 I am box. I become box.

3...2...1...BLAST OFF. To the moon.

 ^Tyra doing her best Snoopy impression.

I can fits. Look, box bends for me. 

And the mother of all cat mothers, Chu, our 19 year old cat has been adopted, 
but her love of boxes goes on...
*Purr Purr*

Call me "Lion Cat". Hear me ROAR!
 Now we must listen to Katy Perry's Roar...

 You're gonna hear me ROAR!!!

 I is sleepy now. I sleep in box.

And then there was Hesperia aka "The Dude". 
She decided it was time to see what this whole box thing was about.

It smells. Erm, what is it?

 All four in. Now what?

Hesperia wasn't super impressed with the box. Our box adventures went on with Fudge...

Mmm, this feels good on my cheeks.

They say the glass is half full. Well, this box is half full with cat!


And then Fluffy (yes, we had a cat named Fluffy) decided to have some box fun.

 I am gorgeous.

 NOM. I am destroyer.


I love box.

 Another HSSV alumni, Neptune, had reservations about the box...
What is this? Can I rest my head on it? Good.

 Our cats had dare I say the time of their lives? Queue the music...
Take me away Patrick Swayze.

Gracie went for the lift!
How do I end this? Cats in boxes, it's an amazing thing. Get a box, play with your cat at home, or better yet come adopt one of ours! Yes, I'm pumping up our cats and asking you to adopt. Why wouldn't I? And better yet, get a big old fat cat that can barely fit in a box. Trust me it's endless entertainment. If you had your doubts, please, scroll up and stare at Tyra's photos again. Or look at this...

 Convinced? Go ahead, make a cat's day, bring a box.

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  1. I'm so happy for Chu! If she was still at your facility after my family moved, I was going to march all of us over to meet her. Hooray for her finding a forever home!