Thursday, April 9, 2015

Katie Packs Her bags And Leaves For SPRING BREAK!!!

 This is a Katie blog, no, not a "kitty" blog, Katie. This is all about our big rumped girl, Katie.

She's doing her own thang and getting her spring break on!
Wooo, Katie's getting wild!!!

 Let's pump it up!!!


Is that a fish toy helicopter? 
Why yes it is. That's how we roll on spring break!

More shenanigans...
 I am queen of the party! All hail Katie!

Okay, time to kick back by the pool for a bit...
Aww, who ordered me the Furry Mary, Purr-mosa, and salmon pate?
You guys are too good to me!

Outta the way! Let me show you how this is done!

Omgawrd, this sunset...
So beautiful!

Well this was the best vacation, but it's time to go back to HSSV.
Merr, where are my dried roasted fish?

Katie is back and available for adoption, here at HSSV. She can go wild and party too hard, but who doesn't lose control sometimes? If you think you can tame this crazy girl, please ask to meet her. I'm sure if you blast some Ke$ha and bring along a laser light show, she'll come to you like a moth to a flame.  Contrary to Katie's opinion, you will need to take this girl home in a cat carrier and not a limo. Although cat carrier in the limo is totally fine by us.


  1. Katie you wild girl! Wanna hang out with a cool 2 dimensional (and bilingual ;) cat? 'Cause I am ready!

  2. Is that even a question? Si, Absolutely. Let's make this happen!