Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Five Things We Know Will Happen At Walk 'N Wag This Year.

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start rallying the friends, coworkers, neighbors and family. Time to start trying ridiculous costumes on the dog.* Time to get all psyched about company vs company, neighborhood vs neighborhood, dog vs cat. 

You guessed it - it's....

The website is up and ready. To get you excited about forming your teams, we want to remind you of five things we know will happen at this year's Walk 'N Wag.

1) There Will Be Hugs. Big hugs.

Let's hug it out, big guy.
Lots of hugs.  

I know human - this is a lot of excitement. I'll keep you safe.
Even the much coveted puppy hugs.

There is nothing we say that will make puppy hugs more awesome. 

2) There Will Be Food Trucks. But they won't be run by this dog. 

Why not? I make this awesome snack with stuff I find in the cat box.
However there might be be a Pekingese singing country western songs. 

Guinness sings country. True fact. 

3) Awkward smooching will occur.

You can cancel that teeth cleaning, human. I got you. 
Lots of awkward smooching. 

My nickname is 'Sinus Rinse'. 

4) Everyone will have fun. Even the devil. Because the devil likes cookies and looks suspiciously like a black lab in fake horns. 

Come to the crossroads. And bring bacon.
We're pretty sure even this guy had a good time. 

Harumph. Wait - did the devil say 'bacon'? 
We know for a fact this guy did. 

High five! High ten! I'm a dog, I can't count. 

5) These puppies will want you to sign up.

Please sign up. We'll make our pathetic faces.

As will Darla and her kitten:

She's holding my tail hostage until you sign up. 

And Maui is even willing to share her yogurt with you if you sign up.

And it's really, really good yogurt, guys.

Why? Because the pups, Darla and her kitten, and Maui are all here waiting for homes. Which means they're benefitting from the money raised by Walk 'N Wag every year - it funds our programs. So not only are you having a rockin' good time, you're doing something great at the same time. And did we mention there's food trucks? 

To register your team go here.

Not a walker? Super duper cool exciting news! For the first time ever, Walk 'N Wag will be offering a 5K run option as well. Break out your jogging shoes!

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