Friday, March 6, 2015

BlockHead Party: Jacky Frost Saves The Day.

It's been a little bit of a sad panda week in the dog area. We somehow found ourselves in possession of a gaggle of morbidly depressed pibbles. Three almost identical ones -all short, all grey and white and all sad sad sad.

There were Cody and Farrah, who seemed to be something of a couple and skulked around trying to avoid notice.

You don't see us. We're not here. 

And Petunia whose amazingly silly ears couldn't mask her deep concern over being here. 

Is there doggy valium? May I have one?
As regular blog readers might have surmised, we're not big on sad here. While we understand being in a shelter is scary, we work hard to try and make sure everyone is doing reasonably well while they wait for a new forever family. 

So we recruited some help. 

Ladies and gentleman, the party has arrived. 

Jacky Frost, our 70 Pounds of Awesome Pibble, who has (inexplicably) been waiting for months for peeps of his own. Jacky is a party on paws and oh-so smooth. He's athletic, calm, loves to show off his tricks and everyone loves him. Even the ladies can't resist him. 

Two words: chick. magnet. 

We also asked Sweet Potato if she wanted to help but she was busy in her foster home doing her own little zen Sweet Potato thing...

Luckily Jacky is party enough for any group of morbidly depressed shorty snorties, even if he's rolling solo. 

First we brought everyone out to the park and explained there would be a party. What with everything that's happened to our sad sack pit crew, they were a little dubious about the whole thing. 

A party? No, no I couldn't. 
And then we brought in Jacky. And magic happened. 

How YOU doin'? 
To say the dog park was rocking and rolling would be the understatement of the century. Zoomies, thunderpaws, smiles - everyone got into it. Petunia took to the tutelage of Party Maestro Jacky like she'd been dog park-ing her whole life...

Look! I'm doing what he's doing! And it's FUN!
Cody and Farrah were a wee bit more reserved but even they broke out and started feeling the love.

Before long everyone was romping like old pros...

Who's got your ear? I've got your ear! Ha!
Cody even got brave and stuck his head in the pool. 

You're not going to dunk me, right? 
We know that there's homes out there for our pack of formerly sad pibbles. After all, remember young Christopher who stayed with us for so long? He's found the family of his dreams, complete with his  beloved bulldog sister Lola.

This is what 'content' looks like. 
So three things to remember after you read this:

1) Everyone needs a Jacky Frost in their life. Coincidentally, we have one looking for a home.
2) Nothing is cuter than a group of snorting pibbles playing chase.
3) We have these amazing pooches looking for homes. 

Got it? Good. We'll see you here shortly, then. 

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