Thursday, March 19, 2015

Operation Nom Nom

The cats of HSSV have been concocting a naughty little plan.
As of course, all cats are entitled to do.
Follow them through their adventures and see what they're up to!
Only cat collaborators may read this, so put this song on asap.

Admiral April
Roger Alpha Tango Charlie. Operation Nom Nom is "A-go"
Please respond confirmation.

Roger that, we are on the move. This is Ollie over and out.

Felines, the coast is clear. Let's make our escape.

Go for the silver mechanical cat tail on the door.
I have seen the HU-MANS use it to get out.

It smells strange. I don't know if this is gonna work April.

Ehh, who cares about leaving. I need to practice my yoga.

What? I can't work on my "child's pose"? Leave me out of this mission!

Rocky and Oxford
Now is da time to strike Zoey. You fool! 
We are setting forth to grab da wet food! All da wet food!
That's the entire point of this mission!

 The time is meow! Let's go felines!

Negative, Negative! The bird has found the nest. 
REPEAT! The bird has found the nest.
Fall back felines!

Uhh, I told y'all this was haphazardly hatched.
We seriously need to concoct our plans better.

It seems our cats' plans have been foiled by us pesky HU-MANS.
Their attempts to gorge on delicious wet food ain't occurring today.
Well alas, they'll have to wait patiently for their next time to strike!

*All cats in this blog have found their forever homes! Yay!
Operation Nom Nom will continue on the home front.
We do still have many naughty cats that are plotting their entry into your home.
Come on down and meet them! Click on this link to see who's going home with you.

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