Friday, March 20, 2015

Tell Your Friends: We're Waaaay Better Than Poking Yourself In The Eye With A Fork

We know, we know. You love us. You can't get enough of our dogs, our cats, the occasional silliness, the heartwarming stories, the pictures of bulldogs in thongs

We get it. And we love you too. 

We also know you try so hard to tell your friends about us to no avail. Shelter media has a terrible reputation. The gut wrenching pictures, the lecturing, the sad stories, the imploring you to do something. Probably when you tell your friends they must check out this blog or that Facebook post, they smile uncomfortably. When you tell them you love our stuff, they look at you as if you just admitted appreciating a good root canal or enjoying poking yourself in the eye with forks. 

We're here to help. In the interest of clearing up some misunderstandings, we set up a quick list of five talking points (with helpful illustrations) for you to reference during those awkward conversations about us. 

I hope you find the socks amusing. Because I don't.

1) We are puppy-in-socks cute. We're way cuter than those content sites that use adorable pup photos to get you to look at ads.  And we won't make you look at ads for anything but MORE cute animals. Hello, win!

Like a cotton ball in a windstorm...
2) We are wickedly happy. Like 'Astro showing off his new haircut' happy. Silly happy. Why? Because we have the best pets and that will make anyone happy. You'd be happy if you had a great pet.* And our dogs are SO awesome they deserve happy homes. Happy attracts happy.

Hi, I'm Otis. Nice to meet you. You should throw this. 
3) We're friendly. We're 'Otis trying to entice you to play with his ball' friendly. We're not going to lecture you or talk down to you or make you feel stupid. If you have questions, we'd love to answer them. Circle of trust. No judgies. Ask away.

Look! They made the weather better for me! 
4) Best pet photograhy on the web? Us. We have the best volunteer photo squad EVER.* Not only do they take great pictures, they edit and fine-tune them to make sure you see everyone in all their natural beauty. Love looking at great pet pics? This is the place.

5) We take saving animals very seriously. We do not, however, take ourselves very seriously. 

And we're super, super good at saving pets. Curious? Check out our Annual Report video below. If the widget is being pesky, it's also right here. All those cool folks you see holding signs and talking? That's us. 

* Have we mentioned we can help you with the 'needing a great pet' thing? 
** Jackie Mac, Malcolm, Elizabeth, Anjelica, Kate - we're talkin' about you. 

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