Monday, August 28, 2017

Suns Out, Buns Out!

We know, you're not a bunny person. We had to lead with the super sensational headline to get you guys to open this at all. After all, if you never had a rabbit why would you open it? Folks tend to think they know everything there is to know about pet rabbits but as a famous TV show once said...

To help everyone out, here's five reasons you need a bunny. And we're going to do this without puns about hopping or grabbing buns. Which is a lot harder than you would think. 

We are, however, going to pepper this post with adorable bunny gifs.

1) Bunnies Have A Perfect Schedule For Busy Professionals And Families. 

Myth: Bunnies are nocturnal and want nothing to do with you during daylight hours. 

Fact: Ready for your fancy new word of the day? Crepuscular. Buns are crepuscular, which means they're most active in the morning and in the evening. When you're home from work and wanting to play with your bun or chill out and watch Netflix with them, they're totally ready and on it. When you're ready for bed, they're ready for bed. When you're at work, they're having a snack, taking a nap, and thinking about all the cool stuff they'll do with their hooman when you get home. So basically they're a perfect fit for you. 

2) The Bun Is Smarter Than You Think. 

Myth: They're untrainable and don't do anything except sit and look cute.

Fact: They do sit and look cute, that's true. The other part is sheer hooey. Bunnies can be clicker trained and do all sorts of cute tricks. They can learn to play fetch, do basic agility courses, all sorts of cute tricks. And they work for carrots - literally. 

3) They're The Perfect Housemate.

They're neat. Most of our buns come litter trained - put a box in the corner and they'll use it. They believe in recycling more than you do - they'd love to give those toilet paper tubes another life as a toy. They can shred a box into the perfect size to fit in even a tiny recycling bin. They're quiet - no barking or meowing. They encourage healthy eating habits. If you're buying them some kale and carrots you might as well make yourself a salad as well, right? Perfect housemates. Way better than that strange dude you roomed with in college who threw beer cans in the garbage and left half eaten pizza slices on the stove. 

4) You Know You Want To Pat The Bunny.

So soft. So calm. Can't you feel your stress level going down just watching someone pat the bunny? Forget the desk sand gardens and weird little chimey bells: it's all about the bunny. Rabbits can be adorable, mischievous little nuggets that will keep you entertained for hours with their antics but they can also be soothing lap buddies and fellow TV binge watchers. If you think sitting on the sofa and patting the cat while watching an entire season of Orange Is The New Black is good therapy, you've never stroked bunny ears. 

5) You Are Still Reading This. 

Seriously, you're five hundred words in right now. If you honestly had no interest whatsoever in bunnies, would you still be here? The gifs are great (huge kudos to our alumni Dewey The Earless Wonder for helping with them) but they're not read-500-words-great. If you've made it this far it's probably a sign that you really want a rabbit. We can help with that. Take a look at our buns. And let's talk. 

Through September 3rd we've made bunny love even easier - adoption fees are waived on all rabbits!

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Seven Dogs Of The Week.


The alarm goes off. You know what that means. It's coming. Why is the weekend so fun yet so short? Why is the work week so long? Why? Just...why? 

Quick Tip: coming home to an empty house makes Monday worse. You should probably have a pet. 


C'mon now little soldier - you've got this. Get out of bed and conquer the rest of the week. Besides, with Monday out of the way you're now 20% closer to Friday. It's like a 20% discount on your week. 

Quick Tip: Tuesdays are rough. Need a pick me up? Stop by the shelter and cuddle a kitten or pat a pooch. Plus Tuesdays are generally pretty slow around the shelter so, you know, stop in.


Optimism mode not enabled yet. 
The week is now half over. It's in the bag, really. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. You made it this far, you can go the distance. Take the long view and keep pushing. But seriously, get that project done. No joke. 

Quick Tip: Can't commit to having a pet but need some loving? Think about fostering older kittens or cats. We have an orientation this Sunday.


Is that light on the horizon?
It's Thursday. You can taste Friday on your tongue. You can grasp it with your fingertips. You can - seriously, finish that project. You're not getting paid to sit there because you're cute. (Unless you're this guy. Then maybe yes, you are getting paid to sit there because you're cute. But you're probably getting paid in cheese or hot dog bits.)

Quick Tip: By this point in the week you probably seriously need a cute fix. Can't make it all the way to Milpitas? You can still stop by our Neighborhood Adoption Centers and snuggle a kitten for a few minutes. 


I'm working on the Parker account right now. Swear I am. 
It's here! It's here! Eight more hours and you're out the door and man, you look ready. You can sleep in tomorrow! Heck, you don't even have to get out of your pajamas if you don't want to. Who ordered the Netflix binge? You did. That's right. You did. 

Quick Tip: Senior pets make AWESOME snuggle buddies and tend to love Netflix binges as much as you do. We're just sayin'...


I'm daaaaaancin'..because life is a paaaarty...
Wahoo! Get out there and get to playing. Okay, that involves getting out of your jammies and pressing pause on that episode of GLOW but hey, the weather is soooooo fine and today is your oyster. Besides, there's always tomorrow.

Quick Tip: Nothing will get you out and about more than a blockhead as a hiking buddy. A lot of our pibbles are always down for a day on the trails. Again, just a thought. 


I don't want to talk about the Parker account.
Sunday dog is not amused. Sunday dog has his toy but knows he only has one more day to play with it. Sunday dog is torn between another gallivant around the park or finishing that season of GLOW he started. Sunday dog feels time ticking away between his tiny Frito-smelling paws.

Quick Tip: Counting the days away isn't healthy. You know what the best cure for day-counting is? Living with a pet. No one is a better role model for how to live in the moment. Be it a dog, a cat or even a bunny (great pets for busy professionals!) no one can teach you the simple joys in life better than a pet. So get on that.