Saturday, February 25, 2012

Caturday - Eleanor

Can you see the cat in this photo? Here's a hint, both little girls have their hands on her.

Eleanor is a laid-back love bug who will seeek out anyone who wants to give her pets. She's currently stealing hearts at our Saratoga Satellite, and invites humans big and small to give her cuddles.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Caturday - Jingles, Shadow, Cabbage

It's Caturday, let's celebrate by taking a look at a few of our cats who our medical staff have helped.

Meet Jingles, she's looking for a very special home where she can feel safe and secure as she's unable to see. She can get around just fine once she figures out where everything is. To help her out, you'd want to keep things in the same place - her stuff and yours! Jingles is at our Animal Community Center in Milpitas.

This is Shadow and he's wants cuddles. His hair is growing back beautifully as he recovers from a flea allergy. We've found a monthly treatment of advantage was all it took to clear up his itchy skin. He loves to play, pounce, and jump now that he's feeling better. He also enjoys backrubs and will chat with you as you give him scratches. Shadow is at our Sunnyvale Satellite.

Cabbage is the queen of our Saratoga Satellite. And special cats sometimes need special food. For Cabbage, she is on a diet that helps regulate her kidneys to keep her healthy. She has started to grace our volunt
eers by sitting on their laps and receiving pets. Her favoriate toys are little plastic rings, you may not even know you had some in the house - but she'll be sure to find them all.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bunnies Back at Sunnyvale

Come down to our Sunnyvale Satellite and see who's hopping!

Charlotte and Marlita were moved into newly set up rabbit pens this week and are awaiting their forever homes. With rabbits at all three of our locations now, it's the perfect time find some-bunny to love.

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