Friday, April 26, 2019

Game of Homes, HSSV Style

Even if you're not a Game of Thrones fan, you know the hype is real. Even we're not immune - which is why our animals are vying for the ultimate throne: your home!

So who will be the ruler of your kingdom? We have a few suggestions...

Princess Catnerys Purrborn of the House Pawgaryen, Fur on Her Mane, the Unburnt, Queen of the Cat Condos and the First Meow, Katleesi of the Great Catnip Sea, Breaker of Wand Toys, and Mother of Dragons.

...or as she's commonly known around here, Princess. Like Queen Daenerys Targaryen, Princess puts up a pretty steely first impression. She has a strong, discerning personality at first glance, but underneath that cautiousness is a warm, caring heart. Princess is famous here for her skills - at making biscuits, that is. She doubles as a lap warmer and is extremely loyal to those she loves.

Juno (left)

Like the direwolves adopted by the Stark children, Juno is fiercely loyal to those she loves. Like Arya's direwolf Nymeria, Juno prefers the company of other dogs to that of people at first. But once she accepts you, you're in her pack for life. Juno is still young and has a fun, playful personality when around other dogs. She would do great in a home with other dogs to play with and people who understand her initial shyness.


Leah is not one to be underestimated (we wouldn't put it past her to be the one to train a dragon). However, she's not the strong silent type - in fact, Leah loves to chat about everything with those closest to her. Leah bonds closely to her people, earning the title "shadow" due to her love of following people around. She'd prefer to be queen of the castle so that all attention can be on her.


Milo may cameo as a direwolf in his spare time, but the comparisons pretty much stop there. He's not a strong, determined leader of a pack - he's more like a happy, bouncy adult-dog-moonlight-as-puppy. It's hard to catch him not smiling, and he'll do almost anything to make his people feel as happy inside as he does. Milo is still figuring out what the deal is with other dogs, so he'd prefer to be the only one in his house for now. This flooffy, smiley boy has been waiting way too long to go home - come meet him so he doesn't feel the need to get a part-time job in future episodes!

These four (and all our adult animals) are more than ready to take their place on the iron throne (your couch, ideally). Adoption fees for all adult dogs and cats are only $25 through 5/5. Come meet your future ruler!

Friday, March 15, 2019

An Incomplete List of Our Favorite HSSV Animals

What's better than billboard charts? A list of the goodest dogs and cats around! This week we're previewing some of our staff's favorite animals and showing you what makes them so special to us. View the full list of our favorite animals here! Plus, from now until March 17 (this Sunday!) all of our favorites are only $10 to adopt. 


Oh, Milo. We can't understand how you haven't been scooped up yet. Milo is a lot of dog, in the very best way. He has a lot of energy, but is learning when to unleash it (in other words, is figuring out that inside time calls for inside manners). He is super obsessed with his people - once you're in his circle, he turns into a giant, fluffy cuddlebug. Want to know more about our puffy boy? We made a list of Milo's 5 favorite things just for you:

 (Reading this blog in your email? Try reading it online in your browser to view the video!)

We're pretty obsessed with Milo, and we know there's someone out there who has a big, bursting heart that can relate to this dude. Is that you? Come meet him!


Though her face may be sassy, her insides are classy. This girl is a STUNNER. She's got that jealousy-inducing long, luscious fur that comes in almost every color imaginable. And have we mentioned those gorgeous green eyes? 

Don't think we're just superficial! We're also pretty obsessed with Kayla's personality. She's a little shy at first, but she'll do flips and purrs once you're in her good graces. She's one of those great cats that makes you feel like you've really earned her affection. And once you have, wear it as a badge of honor. Come meet her!


Otter may be a big boy, but he's got a sweet soul. He's the type of dog who could use someone that really understands sensitive, somewhat introverted personalities. Otter has been through a lot but we couldn't be more proud of him. He's come a long way, and continues to improve and open up to new people. 

Need a tender boy in your life? Then you definitely need to ask for Otter. He's the tenderest, goodest boy around. And come on, look at that smile!

So there you go. These are some of our absolute most favorite animals at HSSV right now - they're all special, all unique, and all ready to go home (for only $10!). If you haven't come in yet but have been thinking about it, now is the time. $10 on our staff favorites ends Sunday!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Our Favorite Mischief Makers

They are awesome dogs. Sweet. Playful. Completely amazing in their own unique ways. 

They're also a little bit...naughty. Some are socially awkward. And just like us, they're imperfect. But somewhere out there is the human equivalent of each of these dogs, just waiting to find the counterpart that will complete them. And honestly? That could be you.

Alix: Crème de la Crème

In a sea of naughty huskies, Alix rises toward the top. She's the crème de la crème of mischievous kids. She jumps, she weaves, she pulls on the leash. She needs to smell all the things, and she needs to herd them now. Alix doesn't have time for you to stop and smell the roses - she's already on to the next bush, and you need to keep up. 

Alix is also the winner of our Most Improved Award. When Alix first came to us, she was conflicted about other dogs, and wasn't sure what she was supposed to do with them. But these days, she's the star of playgroups. She loves to play and uses her athletic skills to her advantage. She can also be just a teensy bit rude when she first greets another dog in her excitement to show them how awesome she is. In short: Alix is fabulous, and she knows it. If you get to meet her, consider yourself lucky.

Tonka: Bull in a China Shop

Have we ever met a naughtier pup than Tonka? Probably, but he definitely rises toward the top of the list. A big, bouncy boy with an unfiltered love for meeting people, Tonka is A Lot of Dog. He's not a dog for the faint of heart - he's the type of dog that people who really, really love squishing dogs' cheeks would fall for. 

Tonka lives to play with other dogs. He's also incredibly bouncy, a little too in your face, and a little socially unaware. The long and short of it? Tonka is a bull in a china shop no matter where he goes. But he wants you to know that he's trying really hard.

Monte: Socially Awkward, Sweet as Pie

Speaking of A Lot of Dog, Monte has that base totally covered. He wants what he wants and he wants it NOW. Monte is that kid in class who never really learned his manners. He's forward, a little rude, and greets people waaaaay too enthusiastically. But really - who wants a dog that ignores them when they come home after a long day? 

Monte's a bit rowdy. He's energetic. He likes to be on the move and he needs a bit of pushing and prodding to find the right outlet for his energy. He's super naughty, but also super sweet once he's gotten his ya-yas out. Monte's a wind-up toy that can go from 100 to 0 in ten seconds flat. Which is fun, right?

So there you have it. These dogs are perfectly imperfect, and we love every inch of their unruly exuberance. We strongly believe there are other people out there who will see their quirks as fun instead of faulty. So if you're thinking "I'm a little too much for most people too" or "I'm also a little socially awkward", you might just need to come visit us. We have your other halves here, and they're  bursting to meet you.

(Plus - did we mention? All the dogs mentioned here, plus the rest of our adult crew, have $20 adoption fees until 2/17. We're not kidding.)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Magic Number Five

Five spice girls. The Jackson Five. Five is a magic number almost universally - and HSSV is no exception.  

Why? Because until 2/3, all animals 5 years and older have adoption fees of only $20. 

Pretty great, right? And just like the KonMari method, we're here to help you find magic animal that will spark joy for you.

First up is Mia, first of her name, ruler of man, and queen of our hearts. She may look grumpy on the outside, but her insides are made of rainbows and hearts. She is sweet, sweet, sweet. So sweet, in fact, that when she first arrived here she would even accompany some of our staff members to meetings because she loved to be around people so much. Mia has some medical needs, and is looking for that special person who can give her the special care she deserves. Come meet her! 

Next up is our girl Dorothy, who has one of the best Shepherd-y smiles we've ever seen. She may be 8 years old, but there's still a definite pep in her step. She's social with other dogs, well-mannered, and only follows yellow brick roads that are guaranteed to have treats at the end. Come meet this born model!

What's better than one amazing tabby cat? Two, obviously. Carlos and Rebecca are a dashing duo who have lived together for years. They don't have to go home together, but they sure do make a pretty amazing pair. Need a couple of sun-loungers in your life? (Hint: Yes, you do. You really, really do.) Ask for Carlos and Rebecca

Great at fetch. Can run lightning quick. Speeds toward tennis balls like nobody's business. Are we talking about a Lab? Nope - it's Poochini, the 10 year-old Chihuahua! Poochini is a guy that defies all stereotypes. Never one to follow the herd, this toothless guy forges his own path. He's a born leader with a personality that'll keep you entertained for - let's face it - years to come. 

So there you have it, folks. A quick guide to some of our favorite magic animals. All these guys are 5+, all have $20 adoption fees, and all are super duper ready to show you just what makes them so darn special. Don't waste any more of your time. Come meet them!

Friday, January 4, 2019

A Blog of Lofty New Year's Resolutions


Kara's intentions for the new year are clear. More kisses, and more snuggs. "Wildly affectionate" is a deeply misleading term - it doesn't truly encompass Kara's profound desire to cover her favorite people's faces with her kisses and burrow into them on the couch.

Thanks for the face, friend. It's delicious.

She's a fan fave amongst volunteers - and for good reason. She's sweet as pie, great on the leash, and has affectionately been labeled Chief Kissing Officer of HSSV.

Wanna join me?

Want to help Kara keep up with her resolutions this year? Come meet her! Bring your face!

Thanks, wuv you.


Ashton craves attention. His New Year's resolution is to get as much attention as possible - in all forms. Want to play with him? Cool, he loves toys. Want to pet his surprisingly soft fur all over? Great, do that. What about attention from other dogs? He's game.

Hi. Pet me.

This sweet senior boy may be blind, but he's fully taught himself to rely on his other senses to do what he does best - seek attention all for himself. If Ashton was a person, he'd be made for the stage. But since he's not, we think he's just made for an awesome home. Preferably one with lots of people to dole out - what? Attention. Yep, you got it folks.

I thought you were gonna pet me, so I got excited.


Tyrion's resolution for the new year is honestly a bit of a humblebrag. This unruly boy spent a few months in a foster home, and now he has really, really good house manners. His New Year's resolution is to use those house manners by landing his very own house. 

Run around and knock things over? Nah. I like to be snug as a bug in a rug.

Tyrion is king of making himself at home under blankets and cozying up to people. He saves his fun energy for the outdoors, where it belongs. 

Have a blanket that's missing a dog? We have just the one for you. Come meet Tyrion!

This blanket. I likes it.