Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Ned.

Ned would really like you to throw the ball. Any of them. Just grab one. He's not choosy.

Ned would really like you to take him for a walk. Check out him demonstrating his happy walk.

Ned doesn't jump into new relationships easily, but he would really like to make some new friends.  Humans are best but another dog would be okay, too. He doesn't need one but if you have one that would be fine.

A little about Ned: Prior to coming to HSSV, Ned lived with another dog, numerous adults and kids. He didn't do well with the kids - he's not too big on sharing or having anyone around his food. It was a pretty busy household and he wasn't always treated so great but he loved his people, particularly the women in the house. Ned loves to cuddle and adores hanging out on the sofa with his folks. He's a bit of a couch potato and is always up for a treat. As a more mature gentleman, he'd do best in a quiet, adult only household without a lot of visitors.

If you're looking for a sweet companion with an interest in fetch and walk, Ned would really like to meet you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Additions: Magic and Damita

There are a few words that are as exciting to dogs as "shoe sale" or "free Sharks tickets" are to people. For Magic and Damita it is "ball".  At just the sight of the little green orb you will see a change in dog, ears up, eyes focused, and that little tremble of excitement.

Anyone with a Retriever will tell you balls are a universal source of happiness, but for Magic and Damita they have also been one of the few constants they've had in the last few years.  When their family lost their home they were placed with a friend during the search for new living arrangements.  This dynamic duo were now living with other dogs, cats, and even small children.  They took everything in stride and by relying on each other made the most of these strange new roommates.  Unfortunately, the housing market was not on their side and they were brought to HSSV to find their permanent placement.

These goof-balls are ready to go, comfortable with other animals, kid-savvy, house and crate trained.  They have had a lot of change the last year, so when you come into meet them its best to take things slow.  Plan on playing fetch to break the ice, as anyone with a ball can't be too bad after all.

Magic and Damita
5 year old Lab mixes

Seeing Double?


With four eyes, nearly forty toes, and more whiskers than I can count, Bibbity and Bobbity are just the cutest little duo of nearly identical kittens. And much like their HSSV roommates, they are hoping to find their families soon. For those of you who are firm believers in the motto that two with you are twice as nice, check out the pairs of cats who are looking for love.

Boo & Bree are a pair of stunning sable cats who are looking for a mellow home to call their own. They've had a rough go in their short two years on earth, bouncing from place to place in hopes of finding a cat saavy guardian who'll give them time to warm up and build relationships. With lots of love and TLC administered here at HSSV, they've become ardent supporters of one on one time, and would make a lovely addition to a home looking for a pair of gentle, soft spoken cats.

For the young at heart, Tyler and Teddy are a pair of mature tabby cats who've taken life and all of its challenges in stride. They are currently acting as office assistants to one of our administrative staff members, and have enjoyed the company of visiting guests and anyone who offers them a yummy treat. 

If you're looking for love and think more is FABULOUS, come on in today and ask to meet them!