Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Additions: Magic and Damita

There are a few words that are as exciting to dogs as "shoe sale" or "free Sharks tickets" are to people. For Magic and Damita it is "ball".  At just the sight of the little green orb you will see a change in dog, ears up, eyes focused, and that little tremble of excitement.

Anyone with a Retriever will tell you balls are a universal source of happiness, but for Magic and Damita they have also been one of the few constants they've had in the last few years.  When their family lost their home they were placed with a friend during the search for new living arrangements.  This dynamic duo were now living with other dogs, cats, and even small children.  They took everything in stride and by relying on each other made the most of these strange new roommates.  Unfortunately, the housing market was not on their side and they were brought to HSSV to find their permanent placement.

These goof-balls are ready to go, comfortable with other animals, kid-savvy, house and crate trained.  They have had a lot of change the last year, so when you come into meet them its best to take things slow.  Plan on playing fetch to break the ice, as anyone with a ball can't be too bad after all.

Magic and Damita
5 year old Lab mixes

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