Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rats Seeking Retirement

HSSV has 8 rats seeking comfortable retirement homes to spend their golden years. These little ones were part of the large rat rescue from Fall 2010 and have spent the last year in the care of rat rescue and us. Open your heart to an older rat and you'll find a constant companion. Senior rats are often more cuddly, without the extra energy of youth they are content to curl up in your lap. You can meet our golden girls at both Satellite Adoption locations. Take them home for gossip and cheesecake, they will thank you for being a friend!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I am Cherry - The Next Big Thing

I am getting so much practice at the foster lady’s house.  Sometimes it makes me very tired and I have to say “lady pretty please can I have a break?”  But for most of the time, it makes me feel tingly inside, like I’m doing very good things.  

The lady says I made great “pro-gress” this week because I jumped up on the couch for the first time just so I could say hello.  Most of the time, I get very nervous around the big scary couch and the lady being so tall.  But this time I said, “you’re not that scary, you big couch.  I am going to jump on you.”  So I did.

I decided the Next Big Thing I was going to learn was to cuddle with Big Bouncer and Old Emily on the floor.  The lady lives with both of them.

Big Bouncer wants to play with me all the time but I say, "No Big Bouncer.  You are too big and noisy.  Go away."  So instead of playing, the lady brings out treaties, which I love.  I am saying, "Put those treats in my belly, lady!"

My next Next Big Thing to learn is how to get into the cabinet so I could have treaties whenever I wanted.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am Cherry

And I'm 4.  That makes me a Big Girl now.  

The foster lady asks me what I've been doing with my life before I was 4 years old, but I can't tell her.  It was like one day I was in The Before Time and then I was Here.

Now that I'm Here, there are many things I have to learn about, like toys that make horr-en-dous squeaky noises and outside potty places that take forever to get to.  I have to walk a very long way to get anywhere around Here, and my legs are very short.

But the lady says that I don't have to be good at everything right away.  We're going to take our time.  She says that Big Girls like me get to go at their own speed, and their foster moms are like training wheels for their new home.  I like this idea because it will give me good practice.

The lady says the first thing I need practice in is hands.  When I first came Here, I thought the lady's hands were grabby and fast and maybe they would do secret things when I wasn't looking.  But now I know they are not for grabbing or doing secret things but for rubbing my sweet chin and my ears and chest.  Now I like it when the lady shows me her hands because she goes at my favorite speed, see?

I'll write more next time when I learn a new thing.