Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Handsome and Available: Meet Jake The German Shepherd Mix.

I bet you want to buy this toy just because I'm modeling it.

When you look this good, it's hard not to stare. Handsome, regal Jake originally came to our shelter as a transfer from another shelter. A wanderin' man, he was hanging out under a highway overpass when a good Samaritan discovered him. He was sent to a county shelter to give his owner a chance to find him but after a few days there he grew tired of the accommodations and transferred here.

Like all stars Jake has his quirks and he's spent a long time looking for the right role. Currently he's in foster care. He loves his foster mom dearly but he's ready for a place of his own. While he might not have a home of his own the one thing he does have is star quality. If you're looking for a canine dreamboat, Jake's your pooch.

That's a fine looking dog...

 Like George He's Friendly And Lovable But Not A Family Man.

Everyone loves George Clooney - except for his kids. Because George has chosen not to have kids. All of Clooney's friends (and even the press) describes him as loyal, sweet and friendly but just not up for having children.

Jake concurs. His foster mom will tell you that he couldn't be more dedicated to her and is a joy in the home but probably doesn't want children. He'd be happiest in an adult only home where he can shower his people with undivided attention.

I know foster mom - I look good.

 Like Alexander Skarsgard, He Respects His Elders.

That dog is better looking than me.

Skarsgard has given several interviews in which he talks about his grandmother who rules his extended Swedish clan with an iron fist. When he's in his native Stockholm, he takes her to lunch and then to her favorite tavern for hours every day. Not only does he respect his grandmother, he also loves her company.

Jake feels much the same way. While he might be a little much for anyone infirm, he has an affinity for women. His current foster mom is an active older woman and his best match might be a similar situation. You might want to skip the tavern (dogs don't drink) but he'd love to spend the day hanging out with you. Jake enjoys the pace of a quiet household - it gives him time to work on his show stopping poses.

Everything looks more stylish with me in front of it.

Like Johnny Depp, He Makes Middle Age Look Good. 

At age fifty Johnny Depp is still everything he was at 25 only more successful.  Still athletic, handsome and getting better roles than he did when he was younger. At six, Jake is in the prime of his life. He's past all the puppy silliness - the chewing, the hyperactivity, the scatterbrain puppy antics - but still energetic and active. It's truly the perfect age. He has all the skills and experience but none of the downsides of a puppy. 

This is my 'I'm waiting for you' pose.

Like Keanu Reeves, He's Been In It For A Long Time. 


Hollywood veteran Reeves started appearing in TV and movies in 1984. He didn't really hit it big until Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in 1989. That's a long time of slogging through roles like "Thug #2" and "Teen Client" in B-movies and short lived TV shows. 

Jake's also been in it for a long time. He originally came in to the shelter in mid-June of last year. While he's been awesome in his roles as 'HSSV foster dog' and 'obedience class attendee', he's definitely ready to hit the big time. Ready to give him his big break? Call Casaundra Cruz (his agent) at (408) 262-2133 X183 to schedule an audition today.  

That dog is most excellent..

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The TARDIS has landed at the HSSV

Hello, I’m the Doctor. Just, “the Doctor.” Come with me, I can show you the most fantastic things.  We’ll have the most wonderful adventures.  Allons-y!

Ok, so I’m not really the Doctor, my name is Keith, but I can sure dream just as big as he can! Sometimes my friends and I like to pretend that we are in Doctor Who, (it makes us feel brave), I think I have a striking resemblance to the 10th Doctor, don’t you?  How about a trip to Barcelona? Just two clicks of my sonic screw driver… I mean squeaky toy… and we’re off! My companion Rose… I mean, Baby Bear… can vouch for me, she is just brilliant!


Oh, Hello there! Today I am Rose Tyler, (most days I’m Baby Bear) and though I love my Doctor I am open to making new friends once you take the time to get to know me. Rose is my idol because she is confident, smart and sassy! 

I know I have it in me on my own, but it really helps when I have the Doctor around to boost my confidence and teach me new things.  Though as long as I know my loved ones are safe, I’m happy.


Good day! Do you happen to have any fish fingers and custard? I love fish fingers and custard, but I don’t like apples, or wine, I think I like yogurt but I can’t remember… do you like my bow-tie? Now don’t go thinking that just because I am getting old that means I don’t know what I’m doing. I do, I just don’t know what it is yet.  Oh, you may call me Kitty, Kitty the Cat, (though most people call me 11, I’m not sure why). I absolutely love making new friends and I love spending time in my little blue box. By the way, have you met Amelia?

I’m Amelia, and I’ve waited long enough for you to take me on adventures. The last thing I need is to sit around here bored and lonely. I know it looks like I’ve been through some hard times, but I will always stand by your side and will trust that you will come back for me. But don’t close your eyes, don’t even blink… or I will be adopted before you know it.  


GREETINGS. I. am. GUINNESS. I wish to. be. your. FRIEND. I do. not. understand. WHY. I have not. yet. been. ADOPTED. EXPLAIN! I have left. the. DALEKS. and have joined the. CANINE RACE. I hope to. learn. about. being. a. DOG. from my. new. FAMILY. My orders. to. EXTERMINATE. have. been. REPLACED. with orders. to. LOVE. I only wish to. be. your. LOYAL COMPANION. Perhaps we. can. travel. the. UNIVERSE. together. FRIEND.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beanie the Cat Tries Her Hand At Poetry

My First Poem

by Beanie the Cat

My name is Beanie
I'm sweet, not shy.
You're sure to love me,
And here is why:

I'll swat at toys
If they abound,
But it's not as fun
As lounging around

I'll chat all day
If you want to hear,
But I'm great at listening
When you need an ear.

I'd prefer to be
Your only four-legged friend
But I'll purr by your side
Till the very end.

So adopt me, please
To be your Queen.
I'll be the best friend
you've ever seen!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

People Believe Really Wacky Things About Chihuahuas.

Our Most Tan-Tastic Dogs Set The Record Straight.

Why are there so many chihuahuas?

This is one of the most common questions we hear. Chihuahuas (AKA chis) are the most common breed in this area. Our population reflects what's coming in from the community. Lots of chihuahuas out there equal lots of the little dudes in here.

The other reason is the shelter guessing game: most of the dogs are not technically chihuahuas - they're chihuahua-ish. They're small, have a more dainty frame and are red, tan, or white. Chances are there's a good bit of terrier, a smidgen of min-pin, possibly a dollop of dachshund in there as well. But since the most common breed in the area is the chi, we're going to call them chi-mixes.

Now on to some of the rumors that circulate about chihuahuas from the everyday to the absolutely ridiculous.

Yappy? You offend my dignity.
Myth: Chihuahuas Bark All The Time.

Chihuahuas do bark - as do labs, shepherds, poodles, cattle dogs and pretty much all breeds of dogs, give or take the odd Basenji or New Guinea Singing Dog. Do they bark more than other dogs? Not particularly. When most people visit HSSV for the first time they have to ask where the dogs are. Our adoption suites are so quiet that most people don't realize the dogs are right behind them. As we have a lot of the little guys, were this myth to hold water it'd be pretty barky and loud in here.

Lady you better have one seriously big bag.
Myth: They're All Little Purse Dogs.

There are some very tiny chihuahuas that can be carried around in purses but for a lot of our chihuahua-ishes, four on the floor is the way to go. Take your friends to the mall and your dog for a walk - we have a little guy for every energy level. Chihuahua ownership doesn't mean giving up an active lifestyle. Dogs like Pogo, Sarah and Ginger are actively seeking hiking and ball throwing buddies.

Please tell me you're joking.
Myth? Chihuahuas Have Magical Healing Properties.

No joking, this story has been around a long time. It can be traced back to 1900's southern folklore. Surely for it to have that much traction it has to be true, right?


Chihuahuas do have healing qualities - all pets do. Pet owners tend to live longer, be healthier and more active and suffer less from depression. That said, don't throw out your inhaler.  But do know that a little body sheds less than a big body so if dog hair is an issue for you then a chihuahua mix might be the way to go.

No.  No no no no no no. Nope.
Myth: Chihuahuas And Other Small Breeds Are Related To Rodents.

Nope. This rumor goes around the internet every now and again, not helped along by satirical websites. Chihuahuas are all dog. They eat kibble, play fetch and go on walks. A lot of these stories have no basis aside from anti-chihuahua bias and the smaller size of some of the little chis.

Additionally the common story of the tourist being sold a sewer rat as a chihuahua on vacation has been soundly debunked. Though if you're thinking of buying a poodle in Argentina you might want to think twice.

So what should you know about chihuahuas?

Purebred chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world. Ancient people believed that they could guide the souls of their owners into the afterlife. The smallest police dog in America is a 7 lb chihuahua/terrier mix named Midge. The North American Flyball Association currently has issued 92 titles to chihuahuas with many more competing. Chihuahuas also compete in many other dog sports.

Other Things You Should Know?

Deniro, the dog with the amazing ears in the first photo, is currently looking for his forever home. Pogo and his enormous toy (in the second photo) are available as well. Just a note that he likes big dogs. Incredulous Dante is here waiting for some folks to fall in love with him. He's a lot of dog in a little package. Scooby is going to keep wrinkling his forehead at you until you come in and adopt him. Come down and meet them!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Breaking News: Free Adult Cats!

 Hamilton the Hipster Cat (HSSV alumn) has a question for you:

So You love cats.

"Cuz we fancy."

And you love money.

"Who doesn't?"

So tell me.  How can you possibly resist...

A free cat?!

This summer, the adoption fee for all HSSV adult cats is:

"Zero.  It's my favorite number."

So, come save a buck AND a life by adopting an adult cat from HSSV -- fee-free!

And don't celebrate like this guy: 


 Keep it classy.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Betty White Would Love Sarah and Ginger. So Should You.

We are NOT The Golden Girls.


Yes, we are elderly.

And yes, we are tan chihuahuas.

We're Also Bonded.

And We.



 Oh, small old dogs, they're just going to lie around the house and do nothing, right? Probably kind of sick or infirm, right?

They say the same thing about Betty White.

Quite honestly, we don't know if you can keep up with us. Can you throw two balls at the same time? We're both mad fetch addicts. If you can't throw for two dogs at once we don't know if we want to know you. What about walks? We need the exercise. We're very athletic. We started out at the San Martin shelter but needed more space than that so we were transferred to this shelter. The park can almost accommodate our fetch requirements. Almost.

You also need to have some tug of war toys and some stuffies. Oh and some blankets and places for Ginger to hide her stuff. She likes to hoard things.

Because we're older we can calm down in the house and we settle down nicely. That's the benefit of maturity. While we enjoy our lap time with you, we're not just going to sit around and cuddle all time. Occasionally we squabble and get into little misunderstandings with each other but we work it out. We can't be without each other but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and daisies all the time, you know?

Anyway if you feel like you can hang with us, come down and meet us. But please, spare us the 'oh, those poor old dogs' routine. You wouldn't say that about Clint Eastwood, would you?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Numbers Are In - And The Conclusion Is...

HSSV & Maddies Fund Are Awesome!


That is correct - your eyes are not deceiving you. 226 adoptions in two days. Including.....

Cats and Kittens.

Numerous graduates of our kitten foster program skipped spending a lot of time in the shelter. They were brought in by their foster families just before the event and adopted out within hours of being put up for adoption. 
Jujubee was the second cat adoption of the day.  Her lovely long hair made her a stand out and she was adopted within 20 mins of us opening our doors on Saturday.

Dogs and Puppies!

First out the door on Saturday was ten year old Genevieve.  Her new family had lined up an hour before we opened to make sure the little black terrier would be theirs.

Blog star Holly, our little-big-dog, found a perfect home with two girls to keep in line.

Mr. Milton, our gentlemanly pit bull who was recovering from a sports injury, fell in love with a big family that couldn't wait to bring him home.

And all of us inside were captivated by Milton playing in the grass with his new family.

 Seven Bunnies!

Squirrel's adopters had been in the week before adopting to adopt his littermate. They had a hard time choosing between him and his sister. They decided on his sister but were standing at the doors when they opened on Saturday for the chance to re-unite this bunny family.

One more great equation?

 Amazing Volunteers!

Many thanks to the volunteer army that helped make Maddie's Pet Adoption Days such a success.