Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Donut Flunks Easter.

Happy Easter HSSV Dogs! Easter egg hunt!


Donut's so happy.

Which one should I get first? 

This one. And this one. And this one. 

And that one. And....hey.....where'd all the sausage go?

No, Donut. Not the bunny. That's not an egg.

Wait, Donut, oh no.....not the stuffed  Easter Bunny.

Donut is a friendly, goofy guy who loves stuffed animals and doing zoomies. He's always happy to make a new friend, human or canine, and will play for hours. His favorite things are stuffed KONGs, Vienna sausages and any stuffed animal he can make off with. At 78 lbs he's a bit of a big lug but he walks well on a leash and is always up for a new adventure. If you'd like an Easter Donut come see us today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Slow Wanderin' Chi of Many Names...

This is Columbus. He's the laziest explorer ever. 

Can you just put the food bowl here? I don't want to get up.

Columbus and a bunch of other chihuahuas were found wandering the wilds of Sunnyvale. They went exploring en masse and a good Samaritan found them wandering by the side of road. He rounded them all up and brought them in but their patrons (or whoever it is that funds chihuahua expeditions) never came for them.

Since he's been here Columbus hasn't done much but sleep, eat and make a lot of human friends. He's a healthy little guy, he's just a man of leisure.

The other thing Columbus has done is rack up a bunch of nicknames. Pig-Pig, for his silly snorting and snuffling noises.

Snuffle snuffle. Oink.   

Slo-Mo for his glacially slow walking pace. Columbus is a super-sweet little cuddly lap warmer but not a hiking partner. We don't know how far from his starting point Columbus was when he was found exploring but however far it was it's a pretty sure bet he didn't get there quickly. A quick lap around the parking lot can easily be a twenty minute excursion.

I'll be there when I get there and not a minute sooner.   

Columbus/Pig-Pig/Slo-Mo is eagerly looking for someone who loves television, people watching and handing out treats. They should have a warm lap and not walk too quickly. If it sounds like he's your speed, come see us today.

On a final note, we close with another one of our slower-paced pooches demonstrating what 'food motivated' means. Meet Smee, who also enjoys a warm lap and has no desire to go jogging. 

Ermaghawd, COOKIE!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Porkchop's Big Melon

 This is Porkchop. Porkchop (or Porky as we affectionally call him) is a sweet nine month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix who's lived with kids, cats and other dogs. Like most teens, he can be a little overenthusiastic at times but he knows a lot of commands and loves people.
Doesn't he look sweet? He is. He loves to try and sit on laps and gets very excited when he sees people he knows. He snorts, he snuffles, he makes piggish sounds. That's not what most people notice when they first see Porky, though. What they notice is..... 

I'm handsome.

Porky's Gigantic Head. 

It's enormous. 

He's a squat little fellow, our Porkchop, and he hasn't quite grown into it yet. But at the size his head is now it begs for comparison to other large, round things. 

Like a basketball. His head is very close in size to a basketball. 


Are you making fun of my head again?

It's actually a little bit bigger than a cantaloupe.

But his face is a lot cuter than the one on this cantaloupe.

I'm really not finding this very funny, guys. 

Luckily his head is not quite as large as the Earth. 

That would make finding him a home very difficult. Even for a dog as great as him. 

 I am a great guy. I don't deserve this sort of constant ribbing about my head.

 There's a lot of good news about Porkchop: he's got a great history. He knows sit, down, stay, rollover and a host of other things. He loves to meet new people and is a ton of fun. He loves to learn. But one more thing? The rest of him is totally normal sized. He weighs in at a very compact 60 lbs. He's a little short but very athletic and well muscled.

Stop looking at my butt.

And did we mention he gets along great with other dogs?

 Have you seen the dog behind me? His head is HUGE.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dogs May Never Lie About Love But They Occasionally Bend The Truth About Food

Ummm....excuse me. Do you have a cookie?

No worries, I'll get one myself. Hey lady, your treat bag is empty.

Yes, I have a cookie. No, you may not touch it.

Hi Erica. Don't touch my cookie.

I appreciate that you brought me a new blanket but keep your hands away from my cookie.

Everyone's trying to touch my cookie! Run!

Oh good. They left.

Cookie, you'll be safe here.

Safe and hidden.

Keep warm, little cookie.

What? Cookie? No. There's no cookie here. I don't know what you're talking about.

(Editors note: Sumi was dishonest. There WAS a cookie.)

Ummm....can I have another cookie? I can't find mine. 


Despite her occasional fibbing about treats, Sumi is a sweet, playful young dog who's lived with kids and other dogs. Come meet her today. And bring cookies!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Chico, Tommy, & Bubbles Dispel Myths About FIV

Myth #1: FIV Cats Can Infect Dogs and People

Bubbles thinks not. 

FIV is species specific - it only effects cats. Dogs and people are not at risk from FIV kitties. It can, however, be spread to other cats. That's why it's important that FIV cats be adopted to indoor only homes. They shouldn't live with other cats unless their feline roommates are also FIV positive.

Silly, puppy-ish Bubbles was transferred in from another shelter. He was a staff and volunteer favorite there and they were devastated to learn he was FIV positive. He was transferred here to be put up for adoption. When he's not hanging out in his cat tree, Bubbles enjoys sitting at the his door trying to get people to come visit, cuddling with anyone who will come visit and playing with his toys. If you're looking for a goofy, friendly kitty in a dignified tuxedo, Bubbles is your boy.  

Myth 2: FIV Cats Don't Live Long.

That's so untrue it offends Chico.

FIV kitties can lead long, completely normal lives with normal care. It is important that they live indoors and eat a good diet to help them stay healthy (and avoid infection to other cats) but aside from that, they don't require anything special or different. They can easily live as long as a non-infected cat. With good nutrition it's not uncommon to see FIV cats live 13-15 years - a good long life.

Chico came to us when his owners couldn't afford his care. Like many male cats, he is prone to urinary blockages. This isn't related to FIV and is common in cats. When he required surgery his owner couldn't afford he was surrendered and it was discovered he also had FIV. He's not too worried about it and potential owners shouldn't be, either. To see him in action check out his video on YouTube.

Myth 3: FIV Cats Are Frequently Ill And Require Lots Of Vet Care

Albert Feline-Stein is giving that statement a dirty look.

While it's true that FIV cats are more prone to secondary infections than other cats, they don't require any care beyond what other cats would. Kept indoors and fed a good diet, it's unlikely they'll get sick any more frequently than other cats kept in the same circumstances. 

Albert Feline-Stein is a gentleman of the road. He came in as a stray cat and so little is known about his life prior to HSSV. He's currently employed with our Human Resources department where he's working as an office cat for a staff member. His duties include being a good listener, keeping chairs warm and napping on desktops. Thus far his performance has been above average.

Chico would rather have cuddles than photos.

(Sourcing on vaccination info: - - -

Fantastic news!! Chico and Bubbles have been adopted. Albert Feline-stein is still here and waiting to meet you.