Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Porkchop's Big Melon

 This is Porkchop. Porkchop (or Porky as we affectionally call him) is a sweet nine month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix who's lived with kids, cats and other dogs. Like most teens, he can be a little overenthusiastic at times but he knows a lot of commands and loves people.
Doesn't he look sweet? He is. He loves to try and sit on laps and gets very excited when he sees people he knows. He snorts, he snuffles, he makes piggish sounds. That's not what most people notice when they first see Porky, though. What they notice is..... 

I'm handsome.

Porky's Gigantic Head. 

It's enormous. 

He's a squat little fellow, our Porkchop, and he hasn't quite grown into it yet. But at the size his head is now it begs for comparison to other large, round things. 

Like a basketball. His head is very close in size to a basketball. 


Are you making fun of my head again?

It's actually a little bit bigger than a cantaloupe.

But his face is a lot cuter than the one on this cantaloupe.

I'm really not finding this very funny, guys. 

Luckily his head is not quite as large as the Earth. 

That would make finding him a home very difficult. Even for a dog as great as him. 

 I am a great guy. I don't deserve this sort of constant ribbing about my head.

 There's a lot of good news about Porkchop: he's got a great history. He knows sit, down, stay, rollover and a host of other things. He loves to meet new people and is a ton of fun. He loves to learn. But one more thing? The rest of him is totally normal sized. He weighs in at a very compact 60 lbs. He's a little short but very athletic and well muscled.

Stop looking at my butt.

And did we mention he gets along great with other dogs?

 Have you seen the dog behind me? His head is HUGE.

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