Tuesday, July 31, 2012

521 days, 3 guys, and 1 car ride later...

And Buddy is HOME! Our resident poster child for amusing (and somewhat naughty) behaviors found a home where he can be the ultimate "guy's cat."

Little did Vince, Dominic, and Bobby know that when friends adopted our very own Tahoe that the ball would start rolling for them to come on in in search of that perfect cat! After seeing how awesome Tahoe was, the guys decided to come on in and see for themselves if they could find a cat who would compliment them. Well, surprise, surprise, Buddy was ready, willing, and eager to lure them in for the long haul!

Brothers Dominic and Vince and roommate Bobby are students at San Jose State University and were ready to include a kitty in their midst who added a whole lotta zing. Buddy took to them like a fish to water, trying to seal the deal by being both affectionate and lively. They were rather amused at his antics, and saw first hand just how entertaining he was to us.

Since going home, Vince tells us Buddy has staked a claim on a couple of spots in the house that have great views of his people down below. He is pretty easy going so far, and seems to be loving life with a new fervor!

Congratulations to Buddy and his new family and best of luck in all their future endeavors!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pet of the Week

We have so many adorable kittens we just couldn’t pick one for Pet of the Week! We have so many in fact that through July you can double your families’ squeals of joy and adopt two kittens for the price of one! Come down to any of our three locations and take home a little bundle or two of cuteness of your very own.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Greetings from Pluto!
I am a spunky little guy who can defy gravity when leaping for balls, set the world record in kissing, and could power a small town with my wagging tail. I come fully sponsored and have befriended human children and Labradors in my travels. It's time I settle down to my forever planet, won't you join my orbit of affection? Call my space commander Cassandra Cruz to set up an intergalactic meeting today: 408-262-2133 x 183.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pair-Fection! Meet Mocha and Lola!

What's better than one dog? Two dogs! We currently have four bonded pairs up for adoption. Meet one of our awesome twosomes.
Mother/daughter act Mocha and Lola came to us when their family could no longer care for them. If you're walking through adoptions in the morning, it's common to miss them entirely. The two of them like to spread their blankets out all over their room, roll up in them and burrow. They're so adept at this that spotting them can be a 'Where's Waldo' experience.

What surprises most people is not their disappearing act, but who's who in this little family. Tiny Lola is actually big Mocha's mom. Mocha tends to be more outgoing and energetic and Lola is a more reserved but loves her lap time. She's also a Mom of the Year candidate - when her burly daughter feels like roughhousing Lola never loses her patience.

These two love walks, attention and each other. While Lola occasionally appreciates some one-on-one with time with people she's always happy to return to Mocha. And Mocha is happiest when her mom is around.

There are many advantages to adopting a twosome. They can be more content being left alone on long days. If you love dogs and want more than one, bringing home a bonded pair takes the stress out of introducing unfamiliar dogs. Even if you (or someone you know) is only looking for a singleton, try spending some time with our pairs and ask a counselor about adoption scholarships and companion pricing.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Foster Parents needed for our 2012 kitten season.

Love kittens and have free time to spare this summer? We are currently training new foster parents for our 2012 kitten season.

First things first: attend a Kitten Foster Parent orientation. Click HERE to sign up or view upcoming dates.

Fostering kittens is an incredibly rewarding experience and HSSV provides the medical care, food, and training for our volunteer parents. And when they're big enough your kittens will return to HSSV to be altered and put up for adoption to find their forever families. The more foster homes we have the more kittens we can save and place this season.

Any questions? Click
for more information on HSSV's foster care program.

Kitties, Cupcakes and BBQ...Oh My!
- written by Stephanie Lin

This is the sweetest event you'll attend all summer.

Join us this
Saturday, July 14th from 11-4 for our Baby Animals Extravaganza , a weekend packed with four-legged fun and fantastic eats.

Check out our
Baby Animal Adoption Fair , featuring the most precious furry friends you can find from our foster homes. These little guys will melt your heart, I promise!

And did I mention the mouthwatering eats? I'm talking
fresh, sizzling sliders, spicy hot dogs and Korean BBQ straight off the grill , courtesy the popular Bay Area MoGo gourmet food truck . MoGo means "to eat" in Korean, and you'll be doing a lot of that if you stop by Saturday!

Plus, if you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, the popular
Fairycakes dessert truck will be running, with amazing cupcakes and curds so tantalizing --- you’ll be all over it like fuzz on a cat! more information available here

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Need A "Gleeful" Kitty?

Lady Tubbington the Orange
Listen up Glee Fans! Are you itching for a new season and in dire need of a Glee Marathon on Netflix? Lady Tubbington is the PURRFECT fellow feline fan who would love to keep you company! She LOVES to make googley eyes at her male namesake, Lord Tubbington, while you sing along to the chipper cast of Glee and their awesome songs.

As her name implies, Lady Tubbington the Orange is rather large. At nearly SEVENTEEN pounds, she could certainly use some exercise, perhaps motivated by the great upbeat songs Glee provides. Come on down and meet our beautiful bowl full of Orange Jell-O, and find out why we all love her so very much!