Tuesday, July 31, 2012

521 days, 3 guys, and 1 car ride later...

And Buddy is HOME! Our resident poster child for amusing (and somewhat naughty) behaviors found a home where he can be the ultimate "guy's cat."

Little did Vince, Dominic, and Bobby know that when friends adopted our very own Tahoe that the ball would start rolling for them to come on in in search of that perfect cat! After seeing how awesome Tahoe was, the guys decided to come on in and see for themselves if they could find a cat who would compliment them. Well, surprise, surprise, Buddy was ready, willing, and eager to lure them in for the long haul!

Brothers Dominic and Vince and roommate Bobby are students at San Jose State University and were ready to include a kitty in their midst who added a whole lotta zing. Buddy took to them like a fish to water, trying to seal the deal by being both affectionate and lively. They were rather amused at his antics, and saw first hand just how entertaining he was to us.

Since going home, Vince tells us Buddy has staked a claim on a couple of spots in the house that have great views of his people down below. He is pretty easy going so far, and seems to be loving life with a new fervor!

Congratulations to Buddy and his new family and best of luck in all their future endeavors!

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  1. Great to hear about Buddy's new home. It was very clear that he needed more space and attention than he could have at HSSV. Now he has both. Keep us posted.